Translation Party!

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Translation Party!

Post by Shadow on Sun May 23, 2010 12:06 am

Oh...god. I'm about to asphyxiate from laugher.

Translation Party!

Click on the link and put a phrase or something in the box. See how it's "translated" to Japanese.
Here are some I did (Phrases taken from an actual conversation in IRC.)

Links: [Contains harsh language]


"Ignorance, filthy toilets in the park with his silly antics, I say black?"
"High spatial Goburinkokkuvaikingu Kosumosuribingusupesu all forms of marijuana."
"Goburinkokkuvaikingu from the universe, the cosmos aboard smoking all forms of living space to the high weeds."
"Hey, I'm ready to breathe the shit I can not shake the nuts to absorb my food festival on the lawn for your kids."
"Hadokokkusutoreto I have red veins vomit breath! The kids and I'm not very angry! Fuck!"
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