Soul Eater - Shibusen's New Recruit

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Soul Eater - Shibusen's New Recruit

Post by Zerifachias on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:49 pm

Howdy y'all! [/Southern accent] Welcome to the newest and greatest version of Soul Eater role play ever to grace the presence of the Eternal Dream Forums!

But enough of the hooplah, let's get to the point~


Shibusen Academy, the school in which humans are trained as meisters or weapons, depending on the blood that runs through their veins. A key component, Soul Resonance, is involved with training these young warriors to fight against the swarms of Kishin souls that threaten the sanity of the world. The ultimate goal is to create a "Death Scythe," a weapon used by none other than Shinigami, or the God of Death, that rules over Shibusen and the rest of the world from Death Room. In order to create a "Death Scythe," a meister and a weapon need to work together in order to obtain 99 souls of the Kishin and 1 soul of a witch.

There currently is no sign of a true Kishin, but the possibilities always exist. Shinigami's list continues to expand, no matter how fast and hard the meisters and weapons work. Shibusen is now looking for more helpers to purge the Kishin forever.

They succeeded in finding two new recruits with good and promising abilities, and we start off with an initiation ceremony.



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