Via's little Poem

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Via's little Poem

Post by Via on Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:01 pm

For english i had to write a poem , well I had to write a lot of poems , but this is my favorite and i thought i would share.
(im not good at poetry , but i thought this one was cute lol so ) oh and i had a like special way i had to write it so .. hope you guys like it Smile


Let them be as cats
Always prim and proper
But never dirty, and playful

Id rather be a dirty messy dog
Playing in the mud, like a worm
Dumb dirty dog all covered in mud

To have toys, and a bed
To play, run wild, have fun
Out in the background in the breeze
To be nipping at the cool air gusting down
Giving me happiness

Id rather be dirty and if
Then put outside on a leash in a doghouse
Than to be prim and proper
Groomed in styles in a shop
Where they cut all your fuzzy fur off
To look nice and neat

Id rather stinks of mud and poop
Than perfume and cleanliness
If I could play tug-o-war, rip up the flowers,
Id rather be a dirty messy dog

- Victoria Hernandez
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