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Post by Dwaggy Sama~ on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:32 pm

Eh. What can I say. I had a transfer of location, and now I work at a best buy in Brampton, and I have to say -- some of the customers I met are really rude... @-@; Like this happened last week -- I was working at my usual cashier, when I met a lady who wanted to purchase a dvd. So, I cashed it up for her, but, I made a slight mistake, so I had to over-ride a price; but this took 4 minutes, because the cash register was pretty unresponsive at the time, and during those five minutes, the lady SCREAMS at me: "THIS IS TAKING TOO LONG, MAN!" while I say: "I apologize, this thing is pretty slow right now", but, I guess she was in a hurry or something. Anyway, when the cash register is working again, I asked her "Do you want a bag?" and she said: "Yes", so then I tell her: "It'll cost 5 cents extra" [because there's a law now that we have to charge 5 cents for a bag] And once again, the lady screams at me saying: "5 CENTS?! YOU PEOPLE JUST WANT MONEY! DO YOU THINK I JUST GET IT OFF THE STREET?!" ...or something like that, and I say: "Sorry miss, its the law you see..." In fact, don't even get me started at the people who scream day in and day out about paying 5 cents for a bag. I can't change the rules, I follow them. So as she tries to get a nickel, she gives me attitude again and yelling: "THIS IS THE LAST TIME I BUY FROM THIS HORRENDOUS PLACE."

What a day.

Well anyway, SOME of the customers I met are like this; not all.

Dwaggy Sama~
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Post by Masquerade on Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:42 pm

Wow. Well, if it's the law, wouldn't they have to pay 5 cents for a bag no matter where they went? ^ ^; And with attitude like that, I would certainly hope she'd never shop at that 'horrendous place' ever again. I can't stand people like that. Bleh. I'm always nice to any cashier I happen to get rang up by.


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