Rape Culture OMFG

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Rape Culture OMFG

Post by Silver on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:10 pm


An article from my hometown popped up in my News Feed today several times. The first one I actually looked at was shared by one of my mother's friends who has a child five years my junior in the school system (and another child who goes to a private academy because he's super smart.) I was horrified by some of the first comments I read:

Commenter 1: Guess hot young HS girl got the best of him . These girls look older(sexier) and know more than we did still that age ! Still sad:(
Mom's friend: Quite provocative...
Commenter 2: I do agree. While he is the adult (not to mention the authority figure/teacher) in the situation and therefore bears the brunt of responsibility to maintain a professional and appropriate relationship, girls today do not take into consideration that they need to take some responsibility in their demeanor and appearance, as well. That said, he does deserve jail.
Commenter 3: Commenter 2, like you have never looked at a man in tight jeans?
Commenter 2: Commenter 3, I refuse to answer that question as my reply may reflect poorly on me. I only went to see Magic Mike for the wonderful acting.

That last little bit alone bugs me as it is, but the part that infuriates me more was that first statement.

I'm sorry, but "provocative dress?" Regardless of what biological gender of the student he had sexual relations with, I cannot look past that statement. Those two words alone make this crime out to be something it isn't. A situation like this, whether considered consensual from the victim's POV or not, is never the fault of the girl. Dressing a certain way does not equate to something like this happening. That'd be like saying because I choose to dress casually and dislike dressing up that I don't deserve to go to formal events. Or that because I major in a humanities field that I deserve to struggle and be poor all my life unless I'm one of the lucky few that make it big. Those are not given. There are no absolutes like that. I can dress as I please. I can major in whatever I want (and I'm not going to be poor and struggle for that matter!) They're choices. Not any different than the choice for a woman to put what she wants on her body, or do what she wants with her hair, etc. And even if a girl were dressing a certain way I highly doubt it could be considered provocative. There's not much Clover's dress code lets one get away with. So focus on what this really is: a man had intercourse with a minor. That's all it is. The student didn't do anything to provoke him and certainly hasn't matured enough to make decisions like this, regardless of what he or she personally believes. It's statements like the one above that perpetuate the rape culture in our society, and it frankly appalls me.

It really fucking appalls me.

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