The Abyss Watchers

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Re: The Abyss Watchers

Post by Vergil on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:55 pm

"It's Heron, not Huron," Heron corrected, taking no offense at the error. He had watched the back and forth between Zoro and his associates in silence, making mental notes on how the facility operated. "Now this is quite the unfortunate turn of events. Unfortunate indeed. So many pathways severed, it's as if there are forces at play that wish to keep us here."

"What are we to do, Dr. Zhirov?" Madam Vanavier asked. "If we must wait for the portals to reopen, then I don't mind. I've waited my entire life to see a land the likes of which you spoke of, and I can sure enough hold out on waiting a few days."

"Waiting might be all we can do. It would be troublesome to scour all of Mhesire to find an alternative route, and if one were to exist I am positive these good men and women would have already found a way."

"Perhaps we should accompany them and help them investigate? That is, if we could be of use to them."

"We would most likely get in their way. Though, if they really need the extra hands, I wouldn't oppose to lending one."

Heron turned back over to the guildmaster, just to make sure his indirect suggestion was heard.

"What say you, Zoro?"
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