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A Little Game

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"Thi-This cannot be?! A mere child defeated the great White King? It's impossible that the White King would lose!"

"Rules are rules. He lost, so the winnings will be sent directly to the boy."

"I refuse to allow this!"

"If you protest, I will have to reprimand you. What I say goes, and that is final. Do you understand me?"

"...Yes ma'am."

"Good, now send him the winnings. 500 gold pieces and another piece to add to the boy's collection. Hm...yes, why don't you send him that one there?"

"But ma'am! That is the White King's favorite piece!"

"Are you disobeying my orders?"

"...The winnings will be delivered to the boy immediately."


Location: Valstein City of the Huron Continent.
Year: 2478
Time: Monday, 8:33 am.
Place: Valstein University

A loud yawn interrupted the class as a boy with flaming red hair raised his head off of his desk and rubbed his eyes. He stared around at the class of whom he had interrupted. They were all staring at him as if he were insane. The teacher in front tapped her foot impatiently. The boy simply stared at the teacher, as if he though he had done nothing wrong.

The teacher tapped her foot again and said, "Well now, Aster, since you were so kind as to wake up for the class, tell me the difference between the two herbs pictured on page 356 in your textbook."

Aster yawned again and stood up, speaking lethargically, as if he didn't want to be there. "There are no herbs on page 356, ma'am."

"And how would you know? Your textbook isn't even opened." The teacher replied, eying him carefully.

"I don't even have the textbook with me, ma'am. I didn't feel like bringing it, I memorized the entire thing last night." Aster commented, yawning again.

"Oh really?" The teacher nodded, as if she believed him, "Then I suppose if I give you the final exam now, you would pass it without any mistakes?"

"That's the idea."

The teacher walked over to him and slapped down a wad of paper on desk. "I want the test back at the end of the day, completed."

Aster grimaced down at the large mound of paper sitting on his desk. With a sigh, he picked up his pen and began to write.

The teacher walked back to the front of the room, saying, "Now, before I was so rudely interrupted..." Aster at that point cut off his mind from the real world and focused on the paper in front of him. Every single question on the paper required at least a full paragraph of text, he wouldn't see how the class would be able to finish this in one school day. Something told him this wasn't the final exam, and that the teacher had already expected him to do this.

It wasn't out of the ordinary. Aster always fell asleep during science class, it was just so boring for him. Teachers around this area always seemed to find a way to get back at their students, some way to fail them. It was really a pity.

An hour passed, and Aster put down his pen just as the bell began to ring for class dismissal. He stood up, walked up to the teacher, paper in hand, and slapped it down on her desk, just like she had done with him. "Finished. By the way, it's herbalist, not hurbalist." Aster said.

The teacher glared at him, then pointed to the door, "Get out."

Aster did as he was told and exited the classroom.


Welcome to the newest Role Play on the street. This role play is special, meaning that it is different from the statistical role plays you all are used to. There is much more danger involved in this role play, one wrong step, and you could end up in the graveyard pile. But if you win, there is experience and money to be earned. Experience is used differently in this game, every time you "level up" you gain a new rank. Money can be used to buy certain things to help you with your game.

Beware, for this game holds much more danger, as I have said previously. If you lose, it is a game over. If you win, you simply stall the game over, and live to die another day. Or, will you rise above all others, as a team, and live for an eternity? The choice, is yours.

The Applications:

There are a few things I want to cover about these things before I show them to you.

First of all, Aster is King of this game, you cannot take his place. However, if he is killed, all of you are also killed.

Second of all, as you may have noticed, this is a game of chess. But not an ordinary game, this one is much more dangerous. For once you are defeated...well, you'll find out eventually.

The last thing, everyone is to have two characters.

Chess Positions:

King (Aster)


Queen (Only one)

PM me about this. It is an important role, and only the best will be accepted.

Bishop (x2)

Level: Apprentice
Move: Diagonal, the span of the board as long as no pieces are blocking the way.

Knight (x2)

Level: Trainee
Move: An 'L' shaped move in any direction, but will not be able to move if another piece is where the piece would land.

Rook (x2)

Level: Wood
Move: Forward, backward, left, or right in a straight direction. Length is the span of the board as long as another piece is not in the way.

Character Relations:

Child Prodigy - (Aster) (King)


"Girlfriend" of the Child Prodigy - (Only one) (Queen)

This is an important role, so PM me about it.

Brother/Sister of the Child Prodigy - (x2)

Age: (18-21)
Appearance: (Pictures or descriptions are fine.)
Personality: (One-two solid paragraphs.)

Background: (Three-four solid paragraphs)

Positions available on the Board: Rook, Knight.

Friend of the Child Prodigy - (As many as it takes to fill up all the chess positions.)

Age: (18-21)
Appearance: (Pictures or descriptions are fine.)
Personality: (One-two solid paragraphs.)

Background: (Three-four solid paragraphs)

Positions available on the Board: Knight, Bishop.

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