Age of Insanity

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Age of Insanity

Post by Greycat on Wed Mar 17, 2010 5:25 pm

I’m thinking of starting a RP. It’s semi- original, taking concepts form different books, shows, manga etc. (a lot form Harry Potter and Soul Reaper, which I’m currently reading) and combining and expanding them into a new world. This is the background. What do you think?

Age of Insanity- Reign of Legion

Reading One:-
“The embodiment of insanity: the demon god Kishin. Under the influence of his insanity, spirits waged war against humans. After thirteen long years of battle, the kishin was finally defeated and the spirits were calmed. However, kishin was far too powerful to kill, his soul too steeped in madness for the Shinigami, the Death reapers and the black warriors to harvest. As such, 13 of the strongest magic users destroyed the kishin’s body and, using their own souls and bodies as the mediums, sealed his soul away in an hidden location where it would never be found.”
except from ‘World History: The Age of Insanity,’ 2nd edition, by Nim Fairth, archivist.

Reading Two:-
“Despite the impressive spell [that] the Sacred 13 sacrificed themselves to seal [the] Kishin’s soul (based on the few remain pages containing the spell formula), the insanity that saturated its soul continued to seep out, infection spirits and human alike, peaking in 13 year cycles. This issue led to the instigation of guild system, groups of people who would band together to face these threats. But this system is only a patch for the pipe, so to say, not a solution to the problem. As such, researchers have spent decades formulating a spell that would, ultimately, destroy the Kishin’s soul. Despite progress in this project, the parties involved are adamant in warning that the spell would be useless until the location of the seal was found. But to many, the thought of a solution made them sleep better [at night].” Page 137, section 49b, paragraph 2 of ‘The report of the Current State of Spirit-Human relationships’ by Keith Richmond, scholar. {some words supplied}

The year is currently new calendar dating- 169. Unknown to all, it was exactly 13 times 13 years since the Kishin’s soul was sealed. Its power of insanity at the absolute peak, the seal cracked. The crack extended and grew, branching until the entire seal was marred by a network of thin lines. While not shattering or opening, the essence of the kishin’s soul escaped. The core of its power was still sealed, but enough escaped for it to form a pseudo spirit body. Absorbing all the souls nearby, it first created a more solid body for itself, and then built itself a castle. From its new vantage point, the reborn Kishin was disgusted with was it saw; a world dominated by humans. Expanding its insanity, it formed itself and army. The world was notified of its return by an unexpected eclipse. The second kishin would introduce a second Age of Insanity. All would tremble under the shadow of the unintended offspring of the kishin; Legion
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