Avar Kimu's Eternal Library

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Avar Kimu's Eternal Library

Post by Greycat on Wed May 19, 2010 4:26 pm

Any creative work I feel like sharing at the moment will find it's way here for public viewing.
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Re: Avar Kimu's Eternal Library

Post by Greycat on Wed May 19, 2010 4:28 pm

Biodigital Life (A digimon Original Fanfic)


Part One:

The professor gazed over the rows of glass pillars. Each filled with a special solution. And in each pillar a strange creature floated in the solution.
“Status report!”

“Professor, the trans-dimensional fluid’s composition has been perfected. We have 100% success in mutating organic life into Bio-digital life and around 53% success in total conversion.”

“Hmmm,” The professor said concomitantly. He turned away from the scientists labouring over computers and faced a large, black screen. “You heard the result for the experiment. What are your thoughts?”

The screen flickered on. A pale skinned blond man wearing a blue suit sat in an ornate chair. A large gold bat was in place of a tie, a red bat-wing mask over his sharp eyes, thin blue lips stretched into a cruel smile. He tapped his sharp gloved finger on the chair arm. “I am impressed with your progress with simpler minded organism. The quality and power of the mutated dogs and such are indeed surprising, especially considering the short time you took.”

“I did it to please our lord.”

“Of course. But the master wants you to move to the next level.”


He grinned evilly. The screen darkened till only red eyes showed. Just before the screen winked out, he made a last comment. “He wants human test subjects.”

The researchers and scientists sat in stunned silence. An instant later, the burst into an uproar.

“Human Subjects! Are they crazy?”

“There is no way I will subject intelligent life to this procedure!”

“Do you think that I want to be arrested? I have a family to worry about!”

“Besides, who would volunteer for such a thing?”

The professor cocked an eyebrow. “Who said anything about ‘volunteers’?” The uproar started again, with new fever. “SILENCE!” the professor roared. “We have undertaken this experiment with no legal funding or governmental permission. Who do you think provides the money, supplies and the anonymity? It has been our digital friends. Lord Myotismon has made sure that his servants increased the funds on all our accounts and arranged for our equipment and this work space.” He gestured and the large room they were in. “Besides, hundreds of people go missing every year. If we are smart with this, no one will be able to trace it to us. We have unlimited resources available. We just need to use them to spread the acquisition across the country.” Be tapped on the nearest keyboard and a map of the country appeared on the screen. “Now, does anyone have suggestions for the target areas?”
Part 2:

Dan stared hard at his math test paper. The C minus stared back at him. He sighed. No matter what he did, he could never get his math grade to improve. He screamed at the sky and shuffled of irritably, ignoring the strange looks of the other pedestrians. He mentally ran through his day’s to-do list. Clean, cook, wash and study. Translation: work.

It was like this ever since his parents left the country to work in on the other side of the world, leaving him to attend school. Why had he refused the butler and maid his parents offered? And nothing exciting ever happened to him. He didn’t even have a girlfriend to invite over, just a group of manga, anime and video game addicted friends. He stared up at the sky.

Whoever’s up there in the sky, send me some excitement please, he prayed silently.
He continued shuffling home when he felt a bug bite his neck. He swatted at it quickly. The world started to get fuzzy. Everything went out of focus and his legs started to wobbled. As he lost control of his limbs, made out the fuzzy shapes of a man and a woman.
“Are you alright?” Their voices seemed to echo in his head and sounded strange. “Let me take you to the hospital.” Two strong but rough hands hauled him to a van. He heard the door slam as his vision darkened.
“We have him,” he heard as his consciousness faded.

“Great game Kevin!” his coach yelled happily, pounding him on the back. “That last touchdown was golden! We’ll win the cup easily if you keep this up!”

“Coach, stop, the entire team worked hard,” Kevin protested. The other team members bounced him around a bit.

“Your way too modest!” they laughed.

“Seriously guys, stop,” Kevin said, pushing them away with a smile. He glanced at the giant clock on the tower across the street. “Guys, I got to go. My Dad’s getting home a bit late today and I have to watch my sister.” He waved and ran off.

As he jogged down the road, a couple by a van called him over.

“Hello, that was a great play you made!” The man smiled. “I’m Mr Smith from the district’s school board. I was impressed with you performance. Do you need a lift home?”

“No, that’s ok,” Kevin replied.

“No, we insist,” the woman said cheerfully. She guided him to the van and seated him. In a quick movement, she injected something in his arm. He keeled over, unconscious.

“This is getting to me,” She said, mopping her brow. “What if we get caught?”

“Don’t worry,” the man said as he climbed in the driver’s seat, “Only a few more for us to do.”

Ken slowly climbed down the library steps, his messenger bag filled with borrowed books.
“Good. I will be able to last the weekend with these,” he mumbled to himself. He headed towards the bus stop that would take him home. As he passed an alley, he noticed a lady trying to get a large bag into her trunk.

“Excuse me, but do you mind helping me a bit, young man?” She asked.

“Of course ma’am,” he said, bowing slightly. He rested his back on the ground and headed over to her. He felt someone grab his arm and a prick. He whirled but blacked out before seeing the face of his assailant.

Elizabeth stood at the corner, trying to signal a cab. She waved energetically at the passing taxies but none stopped. She was very frustrated went a grey van finally pulled up.

“You need a taxi?” the driver asked.

“Finally!” She sighed explosively. She climbed in and shut the door. “456 Garden View Road place.”

“No problem,” the driver grinned. He turned in his chair and jabbed her with a needle.

“Wait! What are you doing!” she protested. “Are you crazy...” She said weakly as she faded.


“Humph. Dragging me to America. I hate this country!” Fate muttered as she wandered down a street. She had just run away from her guards to show her frustration. It had the desired effect on them, if their facial expressions where anything to go by. But there was one complication. She got lost. She had been wandering about for five minutes now. She made one conclusion; it was the guards fault she was lost. A grey van pulled up beside her.
“Mistress!” the driver called.
“Who are you?” She asked irritably.
“One of the security men. Place get in.” The door opened and a woman on the backseat motioned to her. She climbed in. As she sat, she noticed four teens, three boys and a girl, on the backseat.
“What is this? Who are these...” her head spun as the woman pressed a cloth to her face.
“This is the last one for us. Let’s get back.”
“Of course,” the driver said. He shifted the van into gear and drove off.
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Re: Avar Kimu's Eternal Library

Post by Greycat on Wed May 19, 2010 10:07 pm

~~A day in the life of a Dark Emperor~~

The Dark Emperor sat comfortably. The day was nice and sunny, but not too hot. The flowers of the royal garden were blooming prettily and their scent filled the air with strong but pleasant, not heady smell. The hard work he and his staff put into them was paying off nicely. His cup of tea was steeped to perfection and the cakes were divine. And, even better, his novel was getting to the really good part. Rosaline just found out that Eric was cheating on her with the assistant stewardess Linsie and had him held against the wall at knife point. Nothing could spoil this moment. Correction; almost nothing. Heavy footsteps beat across the ground as the head maid and several of her underlings rushed to surround him.

“We finally found you!” she panted, an angry look on her face. “To think that you were holed up here in the gardens, with tea and cakes to boot!”

“Ah, this isn’t what it looks like,” he said quickly.

“Oh really?” she scoffed in reply. “It looks like you’re skipping your duties again.”

“OK, so it is what it looks like,” he smiled nervously. “In any case, bye!” he leapt from his lounger, intending to jump for freedom.

“Don’t let him get away!” the head maid ordered. He assistants hurriedly made several hand signs. First, six golden rings snapped into being and immediately tightened around the Emperor, preventing him from leaping. Next, six ropes of red light burst from the maid’s feet and wrapped securely around him, ensuring that he stayed earthbound. Lastly, the head maid cast a powerful barrier around the entire affair, then added a second and third one for good measure. “Sorry sir, but you aren’t going anywhere.”

“Isn’t this a bit... excessive?” He asked hopefully.

“Nope,” the maids replied as one. The head maid continued the thought. “You are one of best spell weaver in the castle. We cannot have you breaking out and making a run for it.”

“Come on Maria-chan,” he pleaded. “I’ll- I’ll help with the housework!”

“You’ll just skip it,” Maria said as she drew some diagrams on the ground around him.

“I’ll wash the dishes!”

“You’re already supposed to do that.”

“I’ll do anything! Just don’t send me there!”

“The Dark emperor of Avar Kimu should not be groveling! What would the President of New Kelvan say if he saw this?” She scowled as she finished her diagrams. “Emperor of the Shadow Lands begging with a simple maid! How low can you fall in your feble attempts to goof off!”

“Simple, she says,” He frowned. “Didn’t you slay four dragons last week when you cleaning the dungeons?”

“Silence Daniel!” She ordered, disregarding titles in her fury. “You are going whether you like it or not.” She started chanting and the diagrams she drew started glowing.

“Wait,” Daniel pleaded. “Don’t do the forced displacement spell! Don’t!” His pleas were drowned out by the explosive clap of the displacement. As his vision cleared, he saw what he dreaded the most. His desk filled with paper to review and sign. The head butler (also the best Spell Weaver in the castle) lifted the seal he placed on the desk to prevent the paper from scattering in the displacement’s shock wave.

“Welcome sir,” he said calmly, glancing at his pocket watch. “It took Maria three hours, nine minutes and forty seven seconds to retrieve you today. That’s your best time all week.” Daniel scowled and let Maria push him into the seat. With a sigh of resignation, he picked up a quill and started signing.
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Re: Avar Kimu's Eternal Library

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