The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

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The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

Post by Greycat on Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:10 pm



Key Items


+Defiance Town
> Merrick Avenue
> Blackhill Lane
--- Old Chamber's Mansion


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Re: The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

Post by Greycat on Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:10 pm

Enemy Profiles
Name: Aar-ah... Knight
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Profession: Capricious Knight- Anger and hatred fuel these fist. Rage and fury back my power. Either get out of the way or be shot down. [Battle Flow- Aaron can chain certain attacks as long as he has enough MP][Persistence- null disable, immobilize]
Level: ??
Exp: 0/10

Weapon: Knucklebone Gauntlets- extending from his fingers to his elbows, this gloves have bones of a sidhe cait woven into them.
Armour: Reaper Hood- a coat with the pattern of the skeleton embroidered in from ground fae bones
Accessory: Warrior's Trophy- the fangs of many beasts strung on a heart of dragon and draped around his shoulders and neck.

A-Ability: ????
+ Sky Upper: A vicious uppercut that launches his opponent off their feet. [Battle Flow: Drive hammer][120% ATK, chance of knock-over, 8 MP]

+ Drive Hammer: A powerful straight punch straight to his opponents jaw. [Battle Flow: Sky upper/Sucker Slam(f)][130% ATK, 8 MP]

+ Sucker Slam: Resting his hands on his opponents face for a few seconds, he clenches them in a crushing grip then shoves them over and down to slam their head into the ground [battle Flow: Shock Fracture (f)][Two hits, 100% and 140% ATK, chance of blood loss, 10 MP]
+ Hell Fury:When you hate, you don't need to be beside your target. Aaron points at his opponent and focuses. Four explosions of red energy burst from their body, then a shockwave that effects their very being. [range- four cells, Five hits; first four- 100% ATK, DARK element, 100% piercing ATK, 15 MP]

+ Shock Fracture: A powerful punch hat he delivers straight to the ground. Invoking his contract with Cap'rius, he is aided by a shockwave of dark energy that expands and strikes his foes. [Battle Flow: Sucker Slam (p)][140% ATK, two cell radius, DARK element, 13 MP]

A-Ability: Item
R-Ability: Bloody Counter-Gains one counter for every damage dealing attack taken. Each counter converts to +1 hit when activated. Bloody counter can be activated as a chained A-ability in his next action phase. Counter resets each phase.
S-Ability: Battle Tension- As the battle draws on, Aaron converts his stress into power. [regain 15% MP per turn]

D-Ability: Falcon Paauunch!!!!Mega Hammer- A crushing blow that bursts through his opponents defences, leaving them open afterwards and him with a refreshed feeling [200% piercing ATK, adjacent cell, cuts foe's DEF/SPR in half, recover MP equal to half damage dealt, DARK element]

HP: 60
MP: 55
ATK: 8 (+1 from Knucklebone Gauntlets)(+1 from Warrior's Trophy)
DEF: 7 (+1 from Reaper Hood)(+1 from Knucklebone Gauntlets)
INT: 1 (+1 from Reaper Hood)(+1 from Knucklebone Gauntlets)
SPR: 6 (+1 from Reaper Hood)
Move: 2 (+2 from job)

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Re: The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

Post by Silver on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:03 am

Name: Verity
Age: Appears 16
Gender: Female
Profession: Glacia's Follower- The one who claims this profession is a worshiper of the Goddess of Ice and Snow, Glacia. She is one of the few gifted people with slight control over Glacia's domain. (Ice Based Normal Attacks)
Level: 3
Exp: 7/10
Weapon: Simple Snowflake- A basic and tiny snowflake that never melts. (Damage: Int) (Range: 3 Cells)
Armor: White Dress- A simple white dress that allows the wearer to blend in with the ice and snow.
Accessory: Sapphire Amulet- A silver amulet with a tiny sapphire in the indent.
A-Ability: Icy Mark

+ Snowflake Stars- Verity forms several snowflakes in the shape of ninja stars, throwing them at her foe.
(Damage: 50% Int x 7/Effect: --/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 12/Element: Ice)

+ Icicle Prison- Verity throws a single ice crystal at her foe, causing icicles to spring up around them, forming a prison of special ice, which attacks can pass through from the outside in but not the other way around.
(Damage: --/Effect: Glass Ice Cells Form [Surrounding Cells] [Broken through Critical Hits and Fire Based Attacks] [Affected can be Attacked] [Affected can not Attack]/Range: 4 Cells/Mp: 18/Element: Ice)

+ Blizzard- Verity creates a gale and adds snow to it, causing balls of ice and snow to pelt her enemy while surrounded in it.
(Damage: 100% Int/Effect: Freeze 50%/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 16/Element: Ice)

+ Frozen Statue- Verity causes ice and snow to creep up from underneath her foe and cover them completely.
(Damage: --/Effect: Freeze 75%/Range: 5 Cells/Mp: 16/Element: Ice)

+ Polar Breeze- Verity summons a nice icy breeze to surround herself, improving her powers over ice and snow.
(Damage: --/Effect: Double Damage [Ice Based Attacks] [3 Turns]/Range: Self/Mp: 8/Element: Ice)

+ Frost Seal- Verity makes an icy blue colored glyph underneath her foe, the glyph causing ice to creep around them, sealing them and freezing them in place.
(Damage: --/Effect: Seal 50%/Freeze 50%/Mp: 16/Element: Ice)

+ Frozen Gale- Verity whips up a powerful blizzard that makes things difficult to see but also causes damage to both sides.
(Damage: 40% Pierce Int/Effect: Lasts 5 Turns/Evasion Rate +50%/Range: All Units/Mp: 36/Element: Ice)

A-Ability: Makeshift Snow

+ Synthesis Snow- Verity summons a special mound of snow which she can shift and make into other forms.
(Damage: --/Effect: Makeshift Snow Cell (5) Appear/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 8/Element: Ice)

- Snowball Supply- Verity changes one of the Synthesis Snow Counters into a supply of snowballs.
(Damage: --/Effect: Trigger Command: Throw (3 Uses/Range: 3 Cells/Deals 1 Ice Damage)/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 4/Element: Ice)

- Snowman Soldiers- Verity changes one of the Synthesis Snow Counters into two snowman soldiers.
(Damage: --/Effect: Trigger Command: Order: Fire (2 Uses/Range: 4 Cells/Deals 3 Piercing Ice Damage)/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 8/Element: Ice)

- Snow Fort- Verity changes two of the Synthesis Snow Counters into a Snow Fort.
(Damage: --/Effect: --/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 4/Element: Ice)

- Snow Ballista- Verity changes one of the Synthesis Snow Counters into a Snow Ballista to go with the Snow Fort.
(Damage: --/Effect: Makes Snow Fort into Snow Attack Fort/Trigger Command: Open Fire (1 Use/Range: Single Enemy/Deals 10 Piercing Ice Damage)/Range: Snow Fort Cell/Mp: 4/Element: Ice)

--- Winter Bombardment- Verity assembles all of her Synthesis Snow creations and has them unleash a horrid and magical bombardment of wintery wonderland goodness on the opposition.
(Damage: 250% Int/Effect: Requires 1 Snow Ball Supply, 2 Snowman Soldiers, and 1 Snow Attack Fort/Range: All Enemies/Mp: 36/Element: Ice)

A-Ability: Frozen Prowess

+ Ice Mirrors- Verity forms walls of reflective ice that reflect magical attacks that are not fire based.
(Damage: --/Effect: Ice Mirror Cells Appear/Range: Surrounding Cells/Mp: 12/Element: Ice)

+ Glacial Whirl- Verity forms a small amount of energy from her winter wonderland, and spirals it around her foe before having it collapse around them.
(Damage: 140% Int/Effect: Freeze 50%/Range: Adjacent Cell/Mp: 16/Element: Ice)

+ Glacial Spirit- Verity surrounds herself in ice and snow, encasing herself in an armor that allows her to channel her ice magic with greater ease.
(Damage: --/Effect: Half Mp Cost/Range: Self/Mp: Level/Element: Ice)

+ Blizzaga- Verity creates a strong gust of winds mixed with ice and snow, knocking a foe off their feet and chilling them to the bone.
(Damage: 140% Int/Effect: Freeze 75%/Range: 3 Cells/Mp: 26/Element: Ice)

+ Essence of Snow- Verity warns her foes about the dangers that come with Ice and Snow, going so far as to tell them the very reasons to avoid it.
(Damage: --/Effect: The Moves must be used in Sequential Order/Range: Self/Mp: --/Element: --)

- Sight is Useless- Verity ensures her foes that snow can cause your sense of sight to be useless and can easily get you lost.
(Damage: --/Effect: +20% Int/Boosts the chances of added effect Absolute Zero for normal attacks and skills up to 16%./Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

- Temperatures Drop- Verity lets her foe know that winds can cause their surroundings to become drastically colder than normal when around snow.
(Damage: --/Effect: +20% Int/Boosts the chances of added effect Absolute Zero for normal attacks and skills up to 32%./Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

- Frostbite- Verity warns her foe about Frostbite and how quickly it can come about.
(Damage: --/Effect: +20% Int/Boosts the chances of added effect Absolute Zero for normal attacks and skills up to 48%./Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

- You'll be Buried under Snow- Verity foretell her foe becoming buried under mountains of ice and snow, stuck forever with no chance of help.
(Damage: --/Effect: +20% Int/Boosts the chances of added effect Absolute Zero for normal attacks and skills up to 64%./Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

- You'll be Frozen Solid- Verity tells her foe what will happen to them as the snow covers and slowly kills them, the cold and freezing conditions freezing them.
(Damage: --/Effect: +20% Int/Boosts the chances of added effect Absolute Zero for normal attacks and skills up to 80%./Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

- You will die- Verity tells her foe the painfully horrible details of how they will freeze and die, and no one will ever remember them, all because they have chosen to go against her.
(Damage: --/Effect: +20% Int/Boosts the chances of added effect Absolute Zero for normal attacks and skills up to 99%./Range: Self/Mp: 24/Element: --)

A-Ability: Glacia's Justice

+ Blizzagun- Verity blasts her foe with the ultimate ice based magic.
(Damage: 300% Int/Effect: Absolute Zero 10%/Range: 5 Cells/Mp: 100/Element: Ice)

+ Polar Ice Age- Verity creates the battlefield in her image, forcefully recreating a winter wonderland that she rules.
(Damage: --/Effect: Absolute Zero 25%/Range: All Units/Mp: 144/Element: Ice)


+ Creeping Frost- Whenever an enemy enters a cell adjacent to Verity, there is a chance that they will become frozen. If Verity continues to stay in a cell adjacent to a frozen enemy, there is a chance that the enemy will be inflicted with Absolute Zero.

+ Winter's Gift- Whenever Verity uses an Ice Based attack or ability on an Ally, they are healed instead of hurt.
D-Ability: Glacia's Vengence- Verity unleashes Glacia's purest power, freezing all foes in her path.
(Damage: 100% Pierce Int/Effect: Freeze 50%/Absolute Zero 10%/Range: All Enemies/Mp: --/Element: Ice)
Next Level: Mp, Int, Spr

Hp: 30
Mp: 30 (+5 from Sapphire Amulet)
Atk: 1
Def: 4 (+1 from White dress)
Int: 4 (+1 from Simple Snowflake)
Spr: 4 (+1 from White dress)
Move: 2 Cells
Skill Points: 2

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Re: The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

Post by Zerifachias on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:47 am

Name: Sunflower Rose "Sunny"
Age: Appears to be 17
Gender: Female
Level: 4
Progress: 2/10

Profession: Plant Girl - A human that has obtained plant-like traits and appearance. Although it may not seem a smart transformation to undertake, it actually helps a lot. (Photosynthesis)

Pollinate - The human now has more traits of a plant, such as a fragrant scent that spreads across the lands for miles. This scent can calm even the most fearsome beasts. (Photosynthesis)(Half Water; Resist Earth; Vulnerable Fire)(Immune Sleep)(+1 Basic Attacks)

Vegetable - The human has further transformed into a plant, obtaining various new abilities and powers. One of the new traits happens to be her skin color, which has become tinted green. (Photosynthesis)(Absorb Water; Resist Earth; Vulnerable Fire)(Immune Poison; Immune Toxin; Immune Venom; Immune Sleep)(+3 Basic Attacks)

Goddess of Plants - Finally reaching true immortality, Sunny reigns over all plants. She decides if they wither and decay, or bear fruit for many eons. She rules over them, and they protect her. Sunny's skin has returned to the color of a human's, for now she has an assumed form, and a deity form. (Photosynthesis)(Absorb Water; Null Earth; Resist Wind; Resist Ice; Resist Fire)(Full Immunity)(+5 Basic Attacks)

Weapon: Thorny Vine - Long, thorny vines sprout out from various places on Sunny's body. They snap out at anything they can reach, which is everything. [Infinite Range]
Armor: Yellow Petals - Sunny's body is covered by bright, yellow petals. If she didn't have these, she would be completely exposed.
Accessory: Tiara Bouquet - A tiara made completely from flowers. It's beauty is stunning. (+5 MP)

A-Ability: Photosynthetic Ability

+ Ingrain - Sunny digs her roots further down into the ground, absorbing nutrients underground and restoring her energy. Bestows Regen. 9 MP.

+ Poison Vine - The thorns on Sunny's vines turn purple as she whips them out at her enemy, hitting them many, many times, leaving poison in their system in the process. 110% Atk DMG. 5 hits. Chance of Poison. 13 MP.

+ Photosynthesis Activation - Sunny activates her ability to absorb sunlight and restore her health. Number of turns passed = +10% Max HP healing. 4 + (2 time turns past) MP.

+ Thorn Wrap - Sunny wraps an enemy in her vines, the thorns on it ripping the enemy's body. 80% Atk DMG. 6 hits. Chance of Immobilize. 16 MP.

+ Relocation - Sunny dives down into the ground and comes back up in a different spot. This can be used to escape enemies or get closer to them. Moves from one cell to a different cell. Nature cells do not affect the teleport range. 8 MP.

+ Wilting Flower - Every flower needs water, and when Sunny doesn't get enough, she begins to turn brown and wilt. Absorbs 1 Water cell to restore 20% Max MP.

+ Nature's Gift - Even nature feels sorry for Sunny sometimes, and will show it's regret by giving Sunny what she wants. Creates Rain. Turns 4 cells into a Water cell each turn for 3 turns. 18 MP.

+ Sharing Power - Instead of using her own MP, Sunny can use the plant life around her to cast spells and use abilities. Because of this, she can convert an entire plant cell into MP equal to the health the plant currently has.

+ Pumpkin Toss - Sunny grows a pumpkin on one of her vines, then uses it to attack an enemy. The pumpkin literally explodes on impact. 150% Atk DMG. 3 cell range. May cause Pumpkin Fever. 14 MP.

+ Vine Stack - Sunny's multitude of vines can attack an enemy at any point and time. Using this ability, Sunny can add the number of enemies she can attack by her current hit rate. (2 hits normal = +2 hits after this ability, etc.) 15 MP.

A-Ability: Pollen Distribution

+ Poison Fumes - Sunny exhales a massive cloud of poison from her plant-like pores that spreads all over the battlefield, infecting any who breath it in. Inflicts Poison on all enemies. 18 MP.

+ Sleep Powder - Sunny exhales a green cloud of pollen towards her enemy, making them drowsy. Puts a single enemy to sleep. 8 MP.

+ Oxygen - A necessary ingredient for human life. Sunny moves over to an ally, using the ground as her teleportation, and plants her lips on theirs. Sunny opens their mouth and breathes into their lungs, supplying them with much-needed oxygen, and Sunny with their Carbon Dioxide. Can heal Drown. Restores both the ally's and Sunny's HP by 50% each. 48 MP.

+ Toxic Gas - Sunny exhales a yellow powder from her pores and surrounds her foes with it's intoxicating scent. Unfortunately for them, this powder has a very nasty habit of paralyzing people. Paralyzes all enemies. 24 MP.

+ Red Aroma - The suggestion that the color red is an irritable one has been proven to be true. Sunny mixes her mana with a red gas that she exhales at her enemies, causing them to have mixed emotions. Inflicts Berserk and Confusion on all enemies. 24 MP.

+ Immobilizing Scent - Sunny exhales a colorless gas that changes the scent of the air ever so slightly. This nearly unnoticeable scent then alters the enemies' nervous systems, deleting certain areas of the brain that deal with movement. Inflicts Immobilize on all enemies. 18 MP.

+ Pollen - Sunny shakes her body vigorously, spreading her pollen all over the place. Inhaling this pollen will cause different effects, depending on how much is inhaled. May cause Immobilize, Disable, Confusion, Poison, Berserk, or Paralysis to all enemies. 27 MP.

+ Pollen Infestation - Sunny shakes her body even more violently, spreading pollen absolutely everywhere. This pollen causes all sorts of problems for those who inhale it. May cause Immobilize, Disable, Confusion, Poison, Berserk, and Paralysis to all enemies. 34 MP.

+ Pollen Blaster - Sunny explodes in a yellow cloud of pollen, shooting all of her pollen everywhere, hitting everything on the field. 160% Int DMG to all enemies. 26 MP.

+ Aloe Vera - A plant excrement that has many uses. One of those uses include making flowers even more lustrous and burning enemies. 120% Atk DMG. Increases all stats by 20% with every use. 4 cell range 24 MP.

A-Ability: Spring Bloom

+ Pollinate - Sunny releases a certain amount of pollen from her body that sinks into the ground. Soon enough, clones of Sunny appear from the ground. Although weak, these clones can use any of Sunny's abilities in the Spring Bloom A-Ability slot. Summons 2 clones with half HP and MP as Sunny and the same Atk, Def, Int, and Spr stats. 20 MP.

+ Vegetable Dance - Sunny and her clones begin to dance in perfect sync. This dance may look silly at first, but the motive is clear once they begin to produce fruit of all different kinds. Increases all stats (except HP and MP and Move) by 30% for Sunny and the clones. 23 MP.

+ Vine Lashings - Sunny and her clones lash out at the enemy with their vines relentlessly, creating all sorts of wounds and gashes. 100% Atk DMG. 5 hits. Add 5 more hits with each clone on the field. Sunny alone is 9 MP. One clone and Sunny is 14 MP. Two clones and Sunny is 19 MP.

+ Fruit Bomb - Sunny throws one of her many fruits at an enemy. The fruit is actually holding a bomb that will detonate upon impact, which is devastating for the enemy. 180% Atk DMG to a single enemy. There is a 50% chance that the clones will throw their own fruit bombs at the same enemy for no extra MP cost. 25 MP. Ends Vegetable Dance if it was activated before.

+ Green Beam - Sunny takes a few of the seeds off of her body and pelts them at the enemy. The seeds latch onto the enemy and begin to grow roots that dig into their body. These roots then start sucking the life energy out of the enemy. Inflicts Sap on a single enemy. 17 MP.

+ Plantary Destruction - Sunny lashes out with her thick vines, slicing and cutting her enemies up with her sharp thorns. Destruction isn't all that happens here, however. 170% Atk DMG to all enemies. May also cause Poison. 30 MP.

+ Nightshade - A type of plant that only grows at night, but when daytime comes, the scent it creates is killer. Inflicts Doom on all enemies. 47 MP.

+ Blossoming Flower - The tiara on Sunny's head bursts into bloom, spilling all sorts of fragrances around the area. Doubles Sunny's Int stat for 3 turns. 12 MP.

+ Flower's Anger - The tiara on Sunny's head bursts into bloom, spilling a very evil and angry scent around the area. Doubles Sunny's Atk stat for 3 turns. 12 MP.

+ Bulb - Sunny creates a shield around her in the form of a bulb. While in this form, attacks against Sunny are completely nullified. Can only be destroyed by the Fire-element or a critical hit. 28 MP.

A-Ability: Almighty Tree

+ Great Redwood - Sunny lifts her hands up towards the sky, channeling a large sum of mana to the ground. As she raises her hands, the earth begins to tremble as saplings arise from the ground. These tiny saplings begin to grow at a rapid pace, joining together to make themselves thicker and stronger. Eventually the Redwood tree stops growing, but it covers the entire battlefield within it's branches. This huge tree give enormous sums of MP to Sunny and her allies, restoring their MP constantly. Sunny has to go 3 turns without MP, however, before she regains mana again. Restores 40% Maximum MP to every allied character on the field for 10 turns (Mega-MP Regen). All MP Cost.

+ Coconut Barrage - Sunny lifts her hands into the air, causing large tropical trees to burst up from the ground. These trees seem rather useless, but that opinion soon changes when they come to life, using their branches to toss coconut after coconut at the opposition continuously. 140% Atk DMG to all enemies. Continuous damage for 3 turns. 145 MP.

+ Rising Ivy - Sunny summons a legion of ivy to rise from the ground and ensnare her enemies, trapping them effectively. Sunny then tightens her hold on the enemies until they cannot move a single muscle. Disables all enemies. Immobilizes all enemies. 55 MP

+ Venus Flytrap - Sunny summons a huge plant to the field underneath an enemy. The flytrap then slams it's mouth closed on the enemy and swallows them whole. 220% Atk DMG to a single enemy and any who happen to be in a surrounding cell. Chance of Eject. 78 MP.

+ Weakening Pollen Bulb - Sunny summons a large bulb to come up in the center of the battlefield, taking up four entire cells. This bulb continuously releases a powder that weakens defenses. Luckily, Sunny spares her allies of this infliction. Decreases all enemies stats by 20% each turn until the bulb is destroyed. (HP: x2 of Sunny's; Def: = to Sunny's; Spr: = to Sunny's) 162 MP.

+ Timber Oak - Sunny raises an enormous oak tree from the ground, then sets it falling down upon an entire row of enemies. This attack crushes all the hopes and dreams of those caught under it's immense weight. 270% Atk DMG. Chance of Instant Death. Range: One column/row. 243 MP

+ Transfiguration - Sunny sprinkles an orange powder over an enemy. If inhaled, it takes effect immediately. The enemy begins growing branches and leaves and fruit, their body changing colors and shape. Soon, the enemy if turned into a tree, although the face of terror is still visible upon the bark. Transmutes a single enemy with less than 50% HP into a Human-Faced Tree. 26 MP.

R-Ability: Vine Barrier - If Sunny is ever attacked, vines shoot up from the ground and weaken the attack considerably before it hits Sunny. Decreases the power of incoming attacks by 40%.

S-Ability: Anchored Down - Sunny's roots go deep, anchoring her to the spot. Nothing can move her from that spot. (Cannot be moved. Null Eject.)

Final Judgment: Queen of Plants - Sunny's entire body glows with a green aura, or mana, as the earth quivers and shakes. Huge vines shoot up from the ground and spread around the battlefield, turning the place into a flowery palace. During the commotion, Sunny disappeared. Soon enough though, a huge bulb sprouts from the ground and hangs high in the air. The bulb opens up slightly, revealing Sunny in a dress made from moss and flowers. Transformation lasts 5 turns.

---Bloom of Paradise - The bulb Sunny sits in closes, then sprouts into a huge, yellow flower. Sunny now wears a beautiful yellow dress, her tiara transformed into a large sunflower, holding her hair back. Increases all stats by 50%. Lasts for as long as the Final Judgment lasts.

---Flower Palace - Sunny makes her vines move and shape themselves to make walls that surround her enemies and allies. This surrounding wall of thorns is more than it seems to be. These thorns suck away the MP of enemies and distribute them to her allies evenly every turn. Sucks 10% MP from every ally and distributes the mana evenly among her comrades.

---Crunching Grasp - Sunny takes hold of her enemies and crunches them within her thorny vines, dealing considerable damage to them. 100% Piercing Atk DMG. Ends Final Judgment form.

HP: 20
MP: 40 (+5 from Tiara Bouquet)
Atk: 9 (+1 from Thorny Vine)
Def: 3 (+1 from Yellow Petals)
Int: 0
Spr: 4 (+1 from Yellow Petals)
Move: 2 (-2 from Plant Girl Profession)
Photosynthesis: 0 Turns Passed

Skill Points: 0

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Re: The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

Post by Masquerade on Mon Sep 20, 2010 9:32 am

Name: Thanatos Remerall
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Level: 4
Next Level: 2/10

Profession: Mirage Swordsman - Appearing out of nowhere to strike the enemy, the one who claims this profession utilizes maximal speed to execute devastating attacks while effectively keeping distance from the enemy to prevent nasty counterattacks. [Equips: Katana]

Weapon: Mirage Masamune - An extremely lightweight blade that allows for amazingly speedy combos to be delivered, but could be a bit more sturdy, for it could break at any moment the way it is now. (Range: 2 cells)
Armor: Bloodstained Coat - A coat that has obviously been through some battles. One cannot help but wonder if the blood upon it is that of the wearer or the enemies slain.
Accessory: Oriental Sheath - A sheath originating from a faraway land that houses the wearer's sword. (ATK+1)

A-Ability: Fatality Deluge:

+Flash: All it takes is a mere fraction of a second, and the user is upon you. Teleports to one cell up to [user Move + 1] cells away. Can link a basic attack or skill after use. Range: Set. 6 MP.

+Trine Slash: Instead of a single slash, the user unleashes three slightly more powerful ones that disorient the enemy. 110% Atk Dmg. Range: 2 cells. 3 hits. Chance of Confusion. 8 MP.

+Radial Crescent: With blade outstretched, the user spins once very swiftly, slashing any enemy in the user's immediate vicinity without reluctance. 130% Atk Dmg. Range: All surrounding cells. Can be linked with Trine Slash. 10 MP.

R-Ability: Wandering Conservation - When the user moves any number of cells, the user recovers MP equal to 5% Max MP for each cell travelled.

S-Ability: Never Too Close - After executing a basic attack or skill, the user may execute Flash provided the user has the necessary MP.

D-Ability: Solitary Genesis/Split Revelation (Neutral) - Two halves of the enemy's body fall to the ground in a bloody mess for it has just been cleaved by the user's blade and the enemy never saw it coming. Deals 200% Piercing Atk damage to an enemy up to 6 cells away.


HP: 25
MP: 25
Atk: 8 (+1 from Mirage Masamune)(+1 from Oriental Sheath)
Def: 5 (+1 from Bloodstained Coat)
Int: 1 (+0 from Mirage Masamune)
Spr: 5 (+1 from Bloodstained Coat)
Movement: 2 cells (+2 from Mirage Swordsman profession)

Skill Points: 2

Name: Halloween
Gender: ?
Age: ?
Level: 2
Exp: 0/10
Appearance: A small, green creature with the head of a pumpkin. The little freak seems to be garbed in some sort of makeshift clothes made from a questionable material.

Profession: Wandering Jack - The one who claims this profession takes it upon himself to annoy the hell out of any living, or nonliving for that matter, thing that it comes across by jabbing at it repeatedly with various pointy objects. [Equips: Pointy Objects]

Weapon: Sharp Stick - The wielder actually made it by himself. We're not really quite sure how. We'll just be happy that he did.
Armour: Tatters - Shredded burlap (?) that is used as the thing's clothes.
Accessory: Tatters - You weren't expecting him to have anything else, were you?

A-Ability: Trick or Treat:

+The Exorcist: With a head spinning 360 degrees, the user frightens a foe, acting like its possessed by something. 100% Int Dmg. Range: 3 cells. Chance of Fear. 8 MP.

R-Ability: None.

S-Ability: Chainspell - Upon casting a spell, the user is allowed to cast one more spell as long as the user has the MP required for casting it.

D-Ability: To the Point of Suicide (Neutral) - What the hell? The thing jabs at an enemy repeatedly with its pointed object until the enemy can no longer take the irritation and actually ends its own life. Go figure. Deals 200% Piercing Atk damage to an enemy in a cell adjacent to the user.


HP: 10
MP: 5
ATK: 3 (+1 from Sharp Stick)
DEF: 1 (+1 from Tatters)
INT: 2 (+0 from Sharp Stick)
SPR: 1 (+1 from Tatters)
Move: 2 cells (+0 from Wandering Jack profession)

Skill Points: 0

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Re: The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

Post by Seraphiel on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:04 am

Name: Shekal Corten
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Level: 4
Next Level: 2/10

Profession: Judge – Though in court they can do no harm besides sending people away to jail. In the battlefield with their war hammers, they can cause more than just chaos.

Weapon: Wooden Mallet – A mallet used to merely whack against the wood. Easily breakable but can cause more than just bruising. [+1 Atk]
Armor: Rusty Tower Shield– A giant shield that seems to be rusting. It is a bit heavy but can protect the body from near anything. [+1 Def]
Accessory: Dusty Judge’s Book– A book of all the guilty are recorded here. Symbols can be seen all over the book giving it magical properties. A thick layer of dust covers the book. [5 MP]

A-Ability: Judge’s Decision

+ By the Book – Shekal throws down the ban hammer and records the enemies name upon his book. They are guilty and will not be given a second chance. Range: 6 Cells. Inflicts disable. MP: 5

+ Smite – “With a mighty blow the enemy shall be brought to their knees.” Shekal swings his hammer as hard as he can upon the enemy. 120% Atk Dmg. Range: Adjacent. Element: Neutral. MP: 6

+ Never again – Shekal checks his books and if a certain creature or class is upon the field then every monster that is within his book is automatically disabled. Range: Unlimited. Inflicts disable if present. MP: 10

A-Ability: Item

S-Ability: No Grace– If an enemy is disabled then Shekal’s attacks are doubled in strength. Damage doubled on disabled units

R-Ability: N/A

Finishing: Ban Hammer – Shekal gives the enemy the death sentence and makes sure they die personally. 200% Piercing/Effect: If disabled inflicts Instant Death. Element: Neutral. Range: Two cells

HP: 30
MP: 30 (+5 from Dusty Judge's Book)
ATK: 8 (+1 from Wooden Mallet)
DEF: 5 (+1 from Rusty Tower Shield)
INT: 1
SPR: 2 (+1 from Rusty Tower Shield)
Movement: 2 (+1 from Judge Profession)

Skill Points: 2



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Re: The Others: Night and Shadows Profiles

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