Law Of Conformity: Equilibrium (Profiles)

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Law Of Conformity: Equilibrium (Profiles)

Post by Zerifachias on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:46 am

You guys should know what this is for. Profiles up! If you need an outline, take Sariska's for an example.

Name: Sariska Eternal "Star"
Age: 21
Gender: Female

Personality: Harsher than the roughest seas or the iron grip of a blizzard, Sariska has broken many hearts in the past, whether it be her family, her friends (potential boyfriends included), or just the acquaintance that is unlucky enough to meet her. Sariska, just like everyone else, is only supposed to have one talent, and that is her musicianship. She plays in a band as a guitarist with the nickname "Star." Because of her involvement with a band, Sariska is an extremely busy person, and is therefore even more difficult to approach, since she's always moving around to get things done.

Sariska is a very intelligent and beautiful woman, so she often receives mail from males and females alike asking her to go out with them. Each time she would go to meet with them, and immediately tell them off, rejecting them before they even have a chance to explain themselves. Sariska is also the type of girl not to take any risks, so she always carries a hidden knife somewhere on her person at all times. Sometimes there are two knifes.

Short Bio: Sariska grew up in a very cold climate, unlike most of her race, before the Law of Conformity was put into action. When she turned 13, her personality has already become harsh and blunt like the land she lived in, and the Law of Conformity was brought to life. Sariska could no longer live in the cold climate, she had to live where everyone else was. A mediocre temperature befitting a mediocre life. She detested the new law, but she also knew there wasn't much she could do about it. So, she would simply have to wait for others to take action and get rid of the law, then her life could go back to normal.

Sariska is trained in 3 types of martial arts, she also has an almost perfect immunity to overwhelming cold or heat due to her family's training technique. Sariska is proficient in 13 different languages, two of which are extinct. She has been to most parts of the world so far, and intends to visit the rest before her life ends. Her family has an extreme condition of longevity, meaning that they live much, much longer than any ordinary human could. Her grandfather is still alive and was active in the 1950's as a commanding officer in the US military. Sariska had intended to join the military of today, like the rest of her family had, but when the Law of Conformity was placed, all governments were erased, eliminating the need for armies; however, she still retains all of her combat skills.

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Re: Law Of Conformity: Equilibrium (Profiles)

Post by Masquerade on Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:37 pm

Name: Dr. Arkham Goodenough
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Appearance: He tends to remain professionally dressed when out in the open as is ordained: white button-up collared shirt and slacks with white shoes on the dressier side and a lab coat also white in color. He keeps his brown hair short but it's long enough to get out of control on windy days and make him look like a fool if he doesn't brush it. Typically, he wears glasses with circular lenses, clear in hue with no gradient and silverish frames. Behind those glasses lie weary green eyes, close to blue, but not quite. His facial features are surprisingly rough for someone of his talent, though he shaves from time to time to keep facial hair under control making the gruffness of his countenance lessened somewhat. His body is rather muscular to the point that it's at least a little bit obvious, even when he's wearing clothes.

On operations that don't involve being publically seen, he'll toss away the lab coat and professional garbage to don a tight-fitting black tanktop and chamo shorts with plenty of pockets to carry...stuff. The stuff is a secret and only has to be used on the most dangerous of occassions that are completely unlike birthday parties.

Personality: Modest by nature, he plays off any comments to his strength or intelligence, and in some cases, good looks. When trying to achieve a goal, however, he typically goes to any means necessary. He is determined and persistent, never one to let anything go unfinished. It was that trait that allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming an organic chemist in the first place. So, he is really smart, but he prefers to play it average, leaving the fancy jargon of his profession back at the lab and instead using rather casual speak when in conversations. It kind of goes back to the modesty thing.

He's quite rational and quick to act. Though not ideal, he does give into his emotions at times, but for the most part he thinks things through before he does them. His mind is used to complicated thought processes allowing him to reach decisions fairly quickly. The sentence "I don't know what to do" hardly ever leave his mouth.

Short Bio: For quite a few years, Arkham was attending graduate school working on his doctorate in Organic Chemistry. Near the end of his final term, the Law of Conformity was put into place, and he chose his one talent to be research in his desired field, since that was what he was already best at. However, this law prevented him from achieving what he really wanted: a breakthrough. This would set him above all others which was forbidden. He could get no awards. No recognition. He wanted to change the world with his research, but now, he could do no such thing, as the world was 'perfect' as it was.

And it was not. And he was going to make sure that it would become better than what this supposed 'equality' bound him to.


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Re: Law Of Conformity: Equilibrium (Profiles)

Post by Zerifachias on Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:13 am

Supporting Characters for LoC:E

The Eternal Family

Chloe Eternal, 17 years old, female.
A very inquisitive, slightly inconsiderate younger sister to Sariska. Her main passion, modeling, was taken away from her, so she normally just lounges around in Sariska's apartment. She is quite good at dissecting the human mind.
Hobbies/Interests include...Psychology, modeling, flirting, scheming ways to annoy her older sister without getting killed in the process or after the fact.
Dislikes include...Her useless brother, her sister in a bad mood, squirrels, bunnies, and other small rodents. Also, the color maroon.

Ulysses Eternal, 78 years old, male.
Was an incredible army general and commander and fought in many wars. He is large and strong and feared by all. He is the grandfather of Sariska, and has been known to defend her honor from those whom she dislikes.
Hobbies/Interests include...Protecting his family from those who would do them harm. Also training the younger generations to be able to protect themselves.
Dislikes include...War.

Sariska's Band "The Lonely Stars"

Tammy Rain, 21 years old, female.
An incredible vocalist who plays in Sariska's band. If not for the law, she would have never gotten to sing in "The Lonely Stars" at all, for Sariska's voice was much more beautiful than her own. This is a source of slight jealousy for Tammy.
Hobbies/Interests include...Singing, dancing, being around people, and adorable things.
Dislikes include...Anything ugly.

Kenneth Wood, 20 years old, male.
The only male musician in "The Lonely Stars." He used to just play drums next to his girlfriend's, Paige's, keyboard. He is talented at keeping a solid, steady beat going that pushes the band forward, both mentally and physically. He also has a knack for making bombs out of pretty much anything that can be made into a bomb.
Hobbies/Interests include...Keepin' dem beats, making bombs, and his girlfriend Paige.
Dislikes include...The government, enemies of freedom, and people who hurt his girlfriend, Paige.

Paige Wood, 20 years old, female.
Paige adopted her boyfriend, Kenneth's, last name long ago when he picked her up off the streets after her parents were caught in a freak accident, stripping her of her name and her parents. She doesn't like to talk about it much, so she drowns out her memories with her keyboard, pouring every ounce of emotion into her music.
Hobbies/Interests include...Repaying her debt to Kenneth.
Dislikes include...Being indebted.

Amber Day, 19 years old, female.
A talented bass guitarist who asked Sariska personally to join "The Lonely Stars." Her talent on bass was unmatched, and she was brought aboard. She isn't the most talkative person, but the other band members see her as collected, calculating, and cool.
Hobbies/Interests include...Watching others interact, playing bass guitar, and martial arts.
Dislikes include...Fish.

The Rebel Organization ~ Agents

Agent Rodney Cliff, 32 years old, male.
A pilot who served in wars overseas as a medivac pilot, bringing first aid supplies to areas of great need, sometimes even flying into extremely hostile zones. He was nearly killed from an enemy rocket, but managed to survive the landing, though he lost his left arm in the process.
Hobbies/Interests include...Flying high.
Dislikes include...Being attacked.


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Re: Law Of Conformity: Equilibrium (Profiles)

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