Against Justice

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Against Justice

Post by JCM on Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:04 pm

No, seriously, all I wish in this is T1 training, anyone willing to train with me is welcome
King Justice, born of sound mind and body was made pure in this world, raised by his loving family and taught how to be wise, but corrupted due to the outside beings in it. He traveled the earth trying to learn about the creatures around him, to better understand himself; he only wishes for integrity, but the ego of the enemy in front of him won’t allow it. Lightning strikes, a cool, mysterious breeze floods the area, the unusual disturbance gives everyone around goose bumps as they feel the sense of being watched. From the shadows in comes the King onto the arena, His body from the shadows forms to something oddly close the shape of a male figure not far from it. His cool skin is littered with black scars that would form a pattern of markings all over his body. Worn over it is the familiar armor of the Diamond Dalmasca Dynasty, his scimitar shaped sword rest sheathed against his left side thigh. His razor sharp claws are blood stained causing them to gleam in the light. A crudely made bone necklace lay upon his neck. In his eyes rest the humble yet daring turquoise as he awaits his next victim.
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