[Stat/Freeform|Fantasy, Horror] Double Life

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[Stat/Freeform|Fantasy, Horror] Double Life

Post by Gist on Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:27 am

Welcome to an evening you’ll never remember, in a place you can never forget.

Double Life isn't a regular roleplay with one setting that characters explore. It doesn't have a direct setting, nor will the story have a linear advancement. This is a roleplay that will have two areas of existence: sleeping and awake. The catch to this is that you'll never know which state is which because your character doesn't know. When your character falls asleep, they are in one place, but when they wake up they are in another.

When 'Awake' begins, your characters will be placed in a setting posted in the thread, with clues and hints as to what your character is feeling and why. These settings could be outside of your character's personality, but they will be 'waking up' in the middle of these things. How they act from the setting start and how they interact with the other characters is then up to you. When 'Asleep' begins, your character will be placed in a different setting with no memory of what happened when they were last Awake. However, this depends highly on the clues. Any hurts that your character may have gained will still be on them, and depending on the cues given to you through PM, your character may remember some flashes of what happened. Otherwise, they'll just know that something happened and not know exactly what.

Each character that joins will be 'new' to the setting, and they will be placed in the game by me.

Every day, your character will wake up knowing that they forgot something. At the end of that day, your character will go to 'sleep' either wanting to remember or to forget whatever had happened to them.

They will forget.

And, perhaps, throughout the roleplay they will remember bits and pieces of their memories, wondering why they did the things that they did or even wondering what they've lived through. In the end they may not want to remember, but, with each passing state, they'll remember more and more. One day, maybe they may even remember who they used to be and what happened to them, but that is to be discovered by the writers throughout the roleplay.

The setting of this plot will change with each different cycle. Your characters will each be placed in groups around one or two settings, maybe more depending on the amount of characters that we get. The roles that are given to your characters in the setting, or even the memories that your characters gain in each setting may be against your character's personality. You can make them be as horrified as you want, or cut what they are doing as soon as they are placed into it. The whole point of the settings is to make your characters react.

There is never a need to finish the settings. It's kind of a fade in and fade out type of deal. You are faded in to the event, and then, whenever it ends, it ends, fading you out. Think of it as your character going in and out of consciousness.

These settings won't always be human in nature. Some can be sci-fi, some can be fantasy, but all of them are going to be created. Your characters won't always be human, and sometimes they can play an important role or a secondary role. They could also be a victim.

These settings will be logged and details will be picked out of them to piece together a memory for your character in time. If you have any questions on this, you can ask.

I am Fate. When I make a Fate post, it will generally mean the introduction of a setting, or something outside of your control happening in the setting. This is how I'll interact with the members outside of my possibly one character.

A Fate post can be good or bad, and there is no way of knowing beforehand what is going to happen.

The Awakening is a very important part in what happens to your character. It is when your character first opens their eyes in a world that they don't recognize. The realm of the Awakening isn't like any other realm that they'll see in the setting, but they may visit this setting more than once. It's a vast plain of nothingness. It has glowing soft pastel colours that become brighter and dimmer as if on a timer, and a grey fog floats around the edges of the area, hiding whatever lies beyond the edge.

In the centre of the Awakening is a grand mirror. It has intricate designs that a character will never remember. When your character looks into this mirror, they'll see their worst fears, their memories, and what their current worries are. A lot of people feel lost and confused, but don't be afraid to stretch out and elaborate. The memories, however, should be nothing more than bits and pieces. A few hints of the past that I, as Fate, can work with.

As your character stares in the mirror, the fog around them get thicker before they feel themselves start to vanish, and a deep feeling of nothingness comes over them. Your character won't remember the Awakening until Fate says so, but it will help me integrate pieces into your character.

All credit goes to Khallayne for the plot and everything else, and with her permission. She was nice enough to let me port it here and to ZEJ, so yes. X3

Post if you're interested. If I garner enough, I'll go ahead and post sheets.
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