Adventures of Naletia: Ermith's Great Civil War

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Adventures of Naletia: Ermith's Great Civil War

Post by Zerifachias on Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:01 pm

Have you ever wondered how Ermith's kingdom has survived for so long, without a single king being overthrown or of a civil war? That's because those historians in the capital want their precious little monarchy to remain unchecked. They want to influence the king, without the simple folk knowing about the war that rages right below their noses. Literally. Beneath Ermith, there is a massive network of underground tunnels, caverns, and lava pits.

Oh, but you've heard of those, haven't you? Well, sorry to tell you, but what you've heard is dead wrong. The underground is not empty, far from it. We are here. Criminals, that's what they called us. We broke laws, we stole food and killed men. But how else could we survive starvation, or protect ourselves from the true evils? The surfacers should have executed us; they will regret that poor decision. Down here, we learned many things. The history of Ermith is recorded here, the truth of our history, not what historians claim to be true. The royal line of blue blood ended with Queen Hiki, who gave of herself. Now only a pretender sits on the throne. But are of the true blood of nobles.

Naturally, the surface world is ignorant of everything that happens down here. But don't you worry, child, one day we mere criminals shall raise our fists against the tyrant surfacers. The surfacers made a mistake when they threw us down here and forgot our existence, expecting us to die. But we survived. We ate the rock and stone and became strong. There is no one here born to be a leader, for we are not a force to be led. We are a collective with one mind. When we overthrow the pretenders who sit on your throne, you will be our ruler. Our
true ruler.


Uhhhhhhh....hi. So I have a thing here.

Basically what's happening is that there is a civil war brewing beneath the surface of Ermithian lands. Just in case that wasn't obvious. You will be playing one, perhaps two, character(s) who are new hires in an elite mercenary band. During your first mission, you stumble across some deep-dwellers, who proceed to attack you. The role play starts after that encounter, where you are reporting in to the Lieutenant of the mercenary company.

I still have to work out some details, but I'm actually ready to start the role play right now. Which is rather odd for me. Send characters, post interest, bother me on Skype. Y'all know how to get my attention one way or another.

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