Adventures of Naletia: The Great Witch Hunt

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Adventures of Naletia: The Great Witch Hunt

Post by Zerifachias on Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:31 pm

The year is 227 Rebellion. Her Great Nation of Ermith. The first king of man, the one who orchestrated the first rebellion of mankind against their dragon overlords. For two hundred years, the realm of man has been completely void of any sign of dragons, small or large. But as time would have it, there would always be another obstacle that threatened to throw the balance of the world off the deep end.

A magic-user, one who has been bestowed with the gift of Mageblood, an essence of magic kept sacred by the elves who once roamed the forest west of the Origin Mountains, is only found in the royal family as true descendants of the First King. Until Mageblood showed in other humans, tainted by the magic that remained a constant living force in the world, everything was as it should be - peaceful.

In the year 207, disaster struck Ermith in the form of a calamity of such a scale that it engulfed the entirety of Elforrest, the age-long home of the elves. The forest turned to Twival, a state the elves defined as 'overflowing with corrupt magic.' The elves turned hostile towards humans, and soon all life was driven out of the forest, forced out into the Plains by the enraged Elvennahn.

Three years later, mages outside the royal family are declared Abonisman, abominations of man. That is when the burning started. That is where the Great Witch Hunt started. It did not matter what gender or race you were, the rule among the people was "see witch; burn witch." Persecutions became a daily occurrence in the beginnings, but even as the burnings began to dwindle in number, the people of Ermith were still enraged.

The capital city, named Notlahmann after the elven word for "First City of Man," called for one last attempt to end the burnings. The King and Queen were in attendance with their sons and daughters, as they made one final plea to stop the persecution of mages. As humans with great power over magic thanks to their inheritance from the First King, it only made sense for them to plea for peace between mages and non-mages.

Until the whole family was taken and burned. The royal line ended on year 213 with the death of the king.


With the elves enraged and the humans on their great hunt to kill mages, there is not much hope for the preservation of either race, especially with the royal family destroyed. You play as an outcast. For one reason or another, you were thrown out of Notlahmann for past crimes, your own desire to leave, or a need to escape from persecutions. And as humans, you manage to run into one another and decide to stick together. After all, humans are sociable creatures, we cannot resist the pull of another human.

My character will have magic. Yours may as well, but preferably not, because most get burned on sight.

Lemme know if interest.

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Re: Adventures of Naletia: The Great Witch Hunt

Post by Silver on Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:36 pm


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