The 'Complain about school thread'!

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The 'Complain about school thread'!

Post by o5h17carey on Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:40 am

Why? Because I like to complain, that's why. So everyone come here to complain about school/college/university/grad school/whatever!

Reasons why I want to complain:

1.) I'm sick and missed my 9:30 class, and I really needed to go to get ready for a project.
2.) I have European History at 2:00, and I can't miss that class because it's all lecture based, and I got to take notes D:
3.) After European History, from 3:30 to 6:30, I have my art class. THREE HOURS OF PHOTOSHOP. And not in a fun way.
4.) Someone puked outside of Zeri and I's room this morning. >_< Really guys? The bathroom is legit within ten feet of our door, go puke in the toilet and flush it!
5.) Tomorrow we have a 'compressed schedule' for some stupid tests I don't want to take. It's a waste of time!
6.) My english paper was five pages but it was too long, so I have to shorten it and revise it and blargh. No bueno. Sad


Someone join my complaining and ranting, you'll feel better Surprised

Sleep-Deprived Zombie
Sleep-Deprived Zombie

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Re: The 'Complain about school thread'!

Post by Masquerade on Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:19 am

Um....there's not much to complain about at my university. I pretty much love it. But last night, I was going to Organic Chem lab and I got stuck following this jackass who was smoking while walking, so I ended up getting breath after breath of his disgusting smoke. I'm glad I didn't have a gun 'cause I probably would have popped a cap in his ass. And then in his heart. And then in his brain. And then in his eye. And then I'd haul his body off to perform sick genetic experiments on.

Also, I hate the way the dining hall near the buildings where my classes are always smells so tempting and I haven't eaten anything all day. It pisses me off. And like EVERYONE IS ALWAYS EATING. What the hell? Why aren't these people fat? That pisses me off even more. > >


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WhippedCreame wrote:oh god yes eat my spaghetti confetti

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Re: The 'Complain about school thread'!

Post by Creame on Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:53 pm

Masquerade wrote:And then I'd haul his body off to perform sick genetic experiments on.
>:3 ...Oh ho ho...

Homework just really annoys me, mostly. We don't get alot, but my teacher doesn't explain how to do it/I have to beg like a bitch for someone to help me. :/ So then I end up saying: "FUCK THIS SHIT" and not doing it. Ugh, math. >o< Sure am glad I'm not really interested in a major that really, has nothing to do with it. But that's a long ways away, so... ^_^

...I always eat during class. Very rarely you will see me without my most common food items: Vending Machine's 55 cent chips, Cheerwine red velvet cake cream pastries, SoBe water, Calypso lemonade, Cheez-Its, Slim Jims (only on Fridays), and peanut butter and/or cheese crackers. I'm a fatass, but I'm not a big bag of flubber. Gotta love teenage metabolism. x3

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REM Dweller

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Re: The 'Complain about school thread'!

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