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Pokemon Avatars

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Well, this is a story that I started several years ago and I have decided to share it with everyone. I only got to Chapter 12 when I was working on it, and that wasn't even close to finishing the story. Now, don't laugh at me because this was written back when I was still developing my amazing writing skills and I'm too lazy to redo it. X_x Thus, I present to you all, Pokemon Avatars.

~Pokemon Avatars~

I. Lugia in the Spotlight

The sun burst through the clear window. A teenager named Roger Oliver lay asleep in his bed. Suddenly, the alarm clock sounded and Roger went tumbling out of bed. The door to his room opened to reveal his mother, Susan.

“You’re going to miss the ferry,” she said.

“I’m not going to miss it. You forget that I can get ready at abnormal speeds,” he replied. In the blink of an eye he was dressed. He was wearing his baggy cargo pants and a loose black shirt with nothing on it.

Roger was a fourteen year old boy with light brown hair and blue eyes. He lived in the Sinnoh Region in a place called Twinleaf Town. In the past four years, Roger had become the Indigo, Hoenn, and Sinnoh champion. He also won the Hoenn Grand Festival. In commemoration of his success, his contest-winning pokemon were painted and got an exhibit in the Lilycove City Pokemon Museum.

Roger had decided to go on a cruise to get away from all of the excitement. Recently, Roger received the S.S. Ticket from Slateport City Captain Stern for helping chase off Team Aqua.

Roger went down the stairs to use the bathroom. He put on some deodorant and brushed his messy hair and then put his deodorant and hair brush in his black suitcase which was sitting next to the front door. He quickly ran back upstairs to get his black jacket and slip on his shoes and ran back down the stairs.

“Okay mom, I’m heading out,” called Roger.

“Have a good trip,” she replied. “Oh, wait!” She came running out of her room holding a poke ball. “Aren’t you taking Swampert with you?”

“Thanks, I almost forgot.” He reached out and grabbed Swampert’s poke ball. He placed it inside of his jacket. After giving his mom a hug, he exited the house and closed the door behind him.

A group of Starly took off into the sky as Roger stepped into his yard. Twinleaf Town was a small town with a few houses and it didn’t even have a pokemon center. The roads weren’t even paved. The small town wasn’t very active because it was still very early.

“Crud, how am I going to get to Slateport City?” he suddenly realized.

“Talking to yourself, eh, Roger?” asked a local girl named Dawn. She had blue hair and light blue eyes. She was wearing her signature white hat.

Roger couldn’t help but notice her incredibly short pink skirt. “N-no, I’m not. I’m just problem-solving.”

“Don’t you have a Salamence?”

“Hey, you’re right. Well, I guess I’m off to Professor Rowan’s lab. However, before I go, how is the pokemon contest conquest going?”

Dawn always dreamed of being a top pokemon coordinator. Her mom had won many trophies and triumphed at many Grand Festivals. So, instead of training her pokemon for battle, she focused more on perfecting the beauty of their moves. “I already have four ribbons. One more and I’ll be in the next Grand Festival.” She held up the peace sign. “I hope I can get as good as you.” She snickered.

“As always, I wish you good luck.”

“Hee hee, I don’t need luck, I’ve got skill.”

“Confidence, that’s good. However, I must be on my-,” he started, but just then, Dawn gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Have fun on your cruise, okay,” she said and sped off back towards her house.

Roger touched his cheek. “Guess I’d better be on my way,” said Roger to himself. He pulled out his blue Mach Bike and rode toward Professor Rowan’s lab in Sandgem Town. He rode down the route to Sandgem Town. The weather was perfect for bike riding. The sun was shining in the cloudless sky. The breeze was gentle on his face. It didn’t take long for him to get to Sandgem Town, especially since he was riding his Mach Bike which was built for speed. He kept on riding through Sandgem Town until he reached Professor Rowan’s lab. He parked his bike in the front yard. Just as he was about to knock on the door, Professor Rowan emerged from his garden which was next to his house.

“How can I help you today, Roger?” greeted Professor Rowan. He had short, white hair and a white beard. Also, he was wearing a standard white lab coat with a white collared shirt and khaki pants with a black leather belt in the belt loops.

“I came to pick up my Salamence. I need it to fly to Slateport City.”

“For your vacation I presume?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, I’ll get it for you.” Professor Rowan went inside his house to fetch Salamence’s poke ball.

The wind picked up a bit and carried the fragrant smell of Professor Rowan’s magnificent garden. Roger could smell the aroma of a variety of flowers. Wild pokemon loved to visit Rowan’s garden and he likes to record their behavior. It’s a great way for him to do research on wild pokemon.

The door to Professor Rowan’s house suddenly swung open, knocking Roger out of his daze. The Professor stepped out holding a pokeball.

“Here you are,” he said holding out the poke ball. Roger took it from Professor Rowan.

“Okay, Salamence, I choose you,” he said and threw the poke ball. The blue, dragon-type pokemon emerged from the ball.

“Have a good vacation, Roger.”

“Thank you, Professor Rowan.” Roger climbed on top of Salamence. “Okay, Salamence, Fly!” With a giant beat of its red wings, Salamence took off into the sky.

The air was chilly as it rushed into Roger’s lungs. Salamence gave off a roar of delight as she flew at top speed towards Slateport City. It zoomed through the cotton candy clouds doing spirals and flips. Roger glanced down at the expansive ocean. They were covering a lot of ground quickly. In the distance, a microscopic speck that was Slateport City made its appearance. Salamence descended from the sky and touched the warm, salty water below. As they continued to travel, Slateport City grew bigger and bigger until Roger could spot a good place to land.

“Okay, Salamence, land right next to the harbor,” commanded Roger and Salamence gave off a roar of confirmation. She stopped, hovered in the air, and landed gracefully at the spot Roger told her to land. “Return, Salamence,” called Roger. Salamence gave off one last roar before being put back into its poke ball.

“You’ve raised your Salamence quite well,” said a man in a sailor suit.

“Well, Captain Stern, you haven’t changed a bit.” Captain Stern was a very accomplished man. He opened the Slateport Marine Museum. Also, as his name implies, he’s the captain of the Slateport Harbor System and creator of the St. Anne. His team of Slateport scientists was also working on another high-tech submarine.

“I see you’re all ready for your vacation.” He pointed at Roger’s suitcase.

“You bet I am.”

“Show me your S.S. Ticket and you can board the ship.” Roger took the S.S. Ticket out of his pocket and showed it to Captain Stern. “Okay, you’re all checked out. Just go to the dock and board the ferry.” Roger walked toward the dock which had a few Wingull on the posts. The breeze contained the salty smell of the ocean, yet it was also very relaxing. He reached the end of the dock and took a look at the massive, luxurious ferry, the St. Anne, before him.

“This boat is pulling out in three minutes, so anyone who is going on the cruise better get on now,” called out a sailor on the deck. Roger grabbed his suitcase and rushed on board.

The boat’s horn sounded, signaling that it was leaving. Roger went to is cabin to unpack. Possessing the S.S. Ticket provided him with one of the best cabins. Inside was a king size bed with comfortable blue blankets and sheets that were both soft beyond compare. There was a white miniature fridge in the corner which was stockpiled with Root Beer. There was a majestic, polished oak table with wonderful chairs to match, each one equipped with a Zigzagoon patterned cushion. The carpet was white and smelled like a breeze on a spring day. He set his suitcase on the bed. Before unpacking, he decided to check out his bathroom. He turned on the bathroom light and was dazzled. The floor was composed of polished marble tiles that reflected the light everywhere, making everything sparkle. The sides of the luxurious tub were encrusted with diamonds. The border and base of the sink counter was encrusted with emeralds.

“This is amazing!” he exclaimed, awestruck. Suddenly, there was a knock on his door. “I’m coming.” He opened the door hurriedly.

“So it was true,” said a young woman who was standing at the door. “Roger is on board.” She was wearing a long green dress with white frills at the sleeve endings. A green gardener’s hat was perched on her head. Her long, flowing, blonde hair streamed down from below the hat.

“Hey, Cindy, long time, no see.”

“When I heard you were on vacation, Roger, I just had to see you.”

“How’s your Linoone?”

“How about you find out through a battle?”

“Fine, let’s go to the deck.” Cindy followed Roger to the large deck of the ship. Previously, Cindy had lost to Roger ten times and since then, she trained extensively with her only pokemon, Linoone, in hopes of defeating Roger one day.

Cindy stood, holding a poke ball, at the bow of the ship. Roger was on the other side, in front of the cabins. The sky was sunny which was the perfect weather for battling.

“Are you two battling?” asked a sailor nearby. “I’ll be the referee.” The sailor took his position. “The battle between Lady Cindy of Petalburg City and Roger from Twinleaf Town will now commence!” A small crowd gathered.

“Okay, Linoone, let’s hit it off!” called Cindy. Linoone emerged from the poke ball, ready for battle.

“Swampert, center stage!” exclaimed Roger. The crowd stared in awe as Swampert was released. “Swampert, use Dynamic Punch!” Swampert rushed at Linoone with amazing speed.

“Fight back with Surf, Linoone!” A wave of water struck Swampert, stopping it in its tracks. Most of the crowd got wet, too, but they cheered nonetheless. “Now, counterattack with Fury Swipes!” Linoone lunged at Swampert with its sharp claws gleaming in the bright sunlight.

“Swampert, now’s your chance! Use Dynamic Punch!!” Swampert dodged Linoone’s attack and punched it in the stomach which sent it flying across the deck. “Finish it off with Waterfall!” Swampert charged at Linoone with speeds fast enough to climb up a waterfall.

“Linoone, please get out of the way!” Cindy pleaded, but Linoone was too confused to listen. “Fine then, we’ll use our ultimate move. Linoone, use Shadow Urge!!” Linoone was suddenly back to normal, but it was beginning to be covered in shadows.

“Swampert, be careful!” Roger warned. I’ve never heard of that move before, he thought. We better be careful. “Use Double Team!” Swampert halted its attack and made copies of itself. Linoone’s eyes were glowing purple now. Suddenly, purplish-black streams of shadow launched themselves at the copies. Surprisingly, the first attack got Swampert.

“That’s impossible! How did they know which one was the real Swampert?”

“It is because Shadow Urge has perfect accuracy.” Cindy snickered. “It’s an attack that never misses.” The shadows were binding Swampert. It writhed in pain and tried to get away, but Linoone’s attack held strong.

Roger’s mind was racing. This attack is amazingly powerful. It must be taking some sort of toll on Linoone. Roger quickly glanced at Linoone. It just stood there…concentrating. That’s it! If I can break Linoone’s concentration, then the attack might stop! Roger rushed past his Swampert who was still struggling with the shadowy ropes.

“What do you think you’re doing?” questioned Cindy. Roger ignored her. With all his might, Roger tackled Linoone. The crowd was completely silent. Linoone’s concentration was broken and it landed, unconscious, on the deck a few feet away from Cindy. Swampert fell back to the deck, barely awake and obviously in extreme pain.

“Linoone is unable to battle! Roger and his Swampert are the winners!” announced the sailor. The crowd cheered and jumped for joy.

“Return, Linoone. You deserve a good rest,” said Cindy. She fell to her knees. “Wow, Roger, your Swampert is really strong.”

“Your Linoone has gotten a whole lot better, though,” complimented Roger. “I wasn’t expecting that Shadow Urge move. I almost lost it. It was a good battle, but I still need to unpack. However, one thing still plagues my mind: how did Linoone learn that move? I’ve never heard of it before.”

“Before the incident that resulted in Linoone learning Shadow Urge, I had no idea what it was or could do, either. I was training Linoone one day when a little girl with a fairly large telescope on her back challenged me to a one-on-one battle. Of course I sent out my Linoone and she sent out a Kadabra. I thought I could win, but she knocked us out cold. She said, “That pokemon has great potential. Keep training it well.” Then she gave me a TM which contained Shadow Urge.”

“That is indeed very interesting,” contemplated Roger.

“Anyways, I won’t keep you any longer.” Cindy waved and walked off towards the end of the boat to admire the beautiful ocean.

“Swampert, return.” Swampert returned to its pokeball and Roger strolled back towards his cabin, enjoying the ocean view on the way.

Once he got into his cabin, he went straight to his suitcase. He sorted through his clothes and put them into specific drawers of the magnificent oak bureau.

“Well, at least I got my clothes unpacked.” He yawned and lay down on his bed without disturbing the perfectly made bed. “I’m so tired, so I think I’ll unpack the rest after a short nap.” Roger was a procrastinator by nature. The unbelievably comfortable bed helped him fall quickly asleep.

Roger awoke to the violent shaking of the ship. Suddenly, there was a banging on his door.

“Roger, get up!” shouted Cindy while simultaneously banging on the door with her fists. “You have got to see this!” Roger bolted out of his bed, and scrambled to the door. He opened to reveal an empty hallway. There were a few screams coming from the deck. He could see Cindy at the door leading to the deck.

“Over here!” called Cindy, waving frantically. Roger rushed towards her.

“What’s going on?!” asked Roger.

“It’s Lugia,” she replied.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s causing a storm outside.” She opened the metal door to reveal people running about on the deck. The sky was dark and the rain was as cold as ice. The raindrops were piercing needles that popped the balloons of happiness in each person’s soul. The incredible gusts of wind were scattering miscellaneous items on the deck and blowing them into the salty water below. Suddenly, from out of the intimidating clouds, Lugia appeared. “See, I told you.”

“Yeah, you weren’t lying.” Lugia roared and flapped one of its giant wings. The aftermath was a giant tornado ripping through the ship and tearing it apart instantly. Roger was in air along with the flying debris, trying to get a grasp of what was happening. Before he hit the water, a massive chunk of wood came hurtling across the sky and collided with his head, knocking him unconscious instantly.

~Chapter 1 END


*Thanks to Mayari for the wonderful avatar/signature combo

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Re: Pokemon Avatars

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II. Port of Receival

The stars contrasted the dark night with their brilliance and luminosity. The waves of the ocean were gentle. Roger was laying on a piece of wood, bobbing up and down. The ocean carried Roger to the sandy shore of a beach. The beach was bordered by a place called Recever Town. There were few houses because the town’s population was small. There was a lone Pokemon Center in the middle of the town. The town also lacked a Poke Mart.

A young couple was walking along the silent beach because it was romantic. The man had jet black hair with dark eyes. He was wearing a red, button-up shirt with a pocket and khaki pants. The woman had brown hair which was tied up in a pony tail and cerulean eyes. She was wearing blue jeans with a pokeball on the right thigh. She also had a gray T-shirt with the words “Pokemon Apocalypse” in blood red letters. In the center of the shirt was a poke’ball with a dagger through it.

“It sure is a nice time for a walk,” said the woman.

“I have my times, Olivia,” replied the man. He smiled, revealing two dazzling rows of teeth.

“You are so lame, Nate. Nate?” He didn’t answer. He was too busy looking at the unconscious body of Roger in front of him.

“Go get Nurse Mary from the Pokemon Center,” Nate said in a worried voice. “Now!” Olivia took off running towards the Pokemon Center in the middle of the town. Nate took off Roger’s soaking wet jacket and a couple of pokeballs fell out. “Poke balls!” said Nate, suddenly becoming angry. He threw them into the air and both Swampert and Salamence emerged from them. “Welcome to the Delias Region, Swampert! What is your owner’s name? It’s okay. In the Delias Region, you can talk.”

“H-his name is R-roger,” answered Swampert shakily, not used to being able to talk.

“Excellent,” said Nate. “What happened?”

“Roger was taking a vacation cruise. The last time I was out of my poke ball, everything was fine.”

At that time Olivia came running back with a brown-haired woman in a scarlet nurse’s outfit.

“My, oh my, what do we have here?” asked Nurse Mary. “Olivia, take Swampert and Salamence to the Pokemon Center. Nate, help me carry the boy.” Before he helped the Nurse, he raised his foot and crushed both poke balls.

Roger stirred and opened his eyes which were instantly flooded with fluorescent light. He was lying in a hospital bed, wearing dry clothes sent by his mother. Nurse Mary walked in holding a tray with a ham and cheese sandwich and a small glass of orange juice on it.

“Where am I?” Roger asked as he sat up. Nurse Mary walked over to him and put the tray in his lap. He stared deeply into her cold, blue eyes.

“You’re at the Recever Town Pokemon Center,” Nurse Mary replied.

“Recever Town?”

“Yes. It’s a town in the Delias Region, located in the darkest corner of the Pokemon World. It is always night here.” Roger felt around for his poke balls.

“Where are my pokemon?” he asked worriedly. He had sat up so suddenly and almost knocked the tray over.

“They’re in the lobby waiting for you.”

“Then where are my poke balls?”

“It’s all questions with you.”

“But you didn’t answer my last one.” At that time, Nate walked into the room.

“I trashed the remains of the boy’s-,” he immediately stopped talking when he realized Roger was awake.

“What?” Roger asked. “Trashed the remains of my what?!” It didn’t take him long to figure it out. “You trashed my poke balls!”

“It’s not like you need them anymore,” Nate retorted.

Roger placed the tray on a table beside his bed and leaped out of it, rushing for the stairs. Nurse Mary and Nate followed him. As he entered the bright, fluorescent lobby, he caught sight of Swampert and Salamence.

“There you are,” he said and sighed with relief. For a moment, his mind was clear, but it would only last a little bit longer. “I didn’t know what these crazy people had done with you.”

“Thanks for worrying, but we are fine,” said Swampert, trying to add some more peace to Roger’s mind. He talked as if he had been doing it for ages. Roger was awestruck. At that moment, Nurse Mary and Nate burst into the lobby, almost stumbling over each other.

“H-he talked,” Roger managed to get out. “How is this possible?”

~Chapter 2 END


*Thanks to Mayari for the wonderful avatar/signature combo

WhippedCreame wrote:oh god yes eat my spaghetti confetti
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