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Zero-Machine's BRP Characters

Post by MysticKnightFF5 on Fri Apr 08, 2011 7:53 pm

BRP stands for "Battle Roleplay". You should get the idea of what that is by the skills, but to clarify...
it's a real time battle situation chronologically ordered by "turns"
Level: 69
Title: Heavy Flameknight
+ Phoenix Guard Sword
+ Steel Phoenix Guard Great Shield
+ Royal Full-plate Steel Armor
+ No helm

+ Fire Magic, Master
+ Explosion Magic Tier 3
+ Sword of Justice: Coats his blade in pure light to slash through evil.
+ Burning Sword (Remainder: 1 slash)
- Tier 1: Flame slash (1 turn charge)
- Tier 2: Holy Flame Slash (1 turn charge)
- Tier 3: Explosion Slash (2 turn charge)
+ Eyes of Conviction: Nocturnal sight (Passive)
+ Fist of Truth: Huge strength increase (Passive)
+ Rune of Pacifism: Generates a rune twice the size of a man in front of Zane, and absorbs all spells into it. (Tier 2)


Zane (Tier 2)
Title: Heavy Flameknight
Level: 69
+ Valda: Legendary Greataxe
+ Royal Full-plate Steel Armor
+ Royal Phoenix Full Helm

+ Fire Magic, Master
+ Explosion Magic Master
+ Cut of Might: Penetrates magic barriers (tier 1)
+ Burning Axe (Remainder: 1 slash)
- Tier 1: Flame slash (0 turn charge)
- Tier 2: Holy Flame Slash (1 turn charge)
- Tier 3: Explosion Slash (1 turn charge)
- Tier 3: Explosion Crush (2 turn charge)
+ Eyes of Conviction: Nocturnal sight (Passive)
+ People's Hopes: Giant's strength (Passive)
+ Mastered Rune of Pacifism, Tier 1: Generates a rune the size of a man in front of Zane, and absorbs all spells into it. It can be recasted to fire the spells back out.
Phoenix Driver: The mortal form of the Judgment's mighty driver abilities. Eradicates everything in front of him with a mighty rising of a phoenix--reincarnated in Zane, and cutting forth with a flaming greataxe-destroying everything. Zane's STM is reduced to 0 no matter what, with a STM prerequisite.


Level: 69
Title: Mage Prodigy
+ 8 swords
+ Daniel, Reincarnation of the Legendary Warrior
+ Peasant clothing and a small buckler

+ Psychic Shield: Produces a field of psychic energy surrounding any spot--can be moved.
+ Psychic Overload ,Tier 2: Makes her psychic shields almost invulnerable for 2 rounds
+ Mind Blast,Tier 2: Paralyzes movement and action of the target until hit.
+ Force Slash,Tier 1: Throws the enemy back with a psychic enchanted blade, usually causes fractures.
+ Grand Hurricane: Speeds up the swords to a blinding pace, creating a slashing suction.
+ Mana Void Enchantment,Tier 2: Enchants all owned swords with the ability to cut through mana for 6 rounds
+ Mana Void,Tier 2: Sucks in all magic/mana into a black hole, and feeds Aio's MP.
+ Punishment for the Wicked (Tier 5) Calls down a beam of light causing major burn wounds, and serious blindness.
+ Judgment of the Lord,Tier 0: Calls down a beam of light, causing temporary blinding and minor burns.
+ Light Arrow,Tier 1: Fires an arrow of light, moving at the speed of a normal arrow, and piercing through anything non-mana.
+ Holy Enchantment ,Tier 1: Enchants all owned swords with holy magic.
+ Curative Magi, Tier 2
+ Mana Arts, Master
+ Guardian Aid, Master
+ Holy Magic, Master
+ Calling of Avalon (Requires 12 swords): Summons the Holy Sword Avalon. Deals deathly damage to mana based or evil based foes, and sucks in all mana--including that of barriers, around it, including Aio's. Also, cannot be taken or thrown from the owner's hands. (Aio's) Cannot be wielded telekenetically.
+ Dismissal of Avalon,Tier 2: Seals Avalon back, re-acquiring the 12 swords and giving Aio the mana of Avalon, recovering her completely. Cannot be re-summoned once dismissed.
+ Creating of the Magic Blade Freyl (Tier 2, does not count towards the swords required for Avalon): Creates a rapier that cannot be effected by magic or psychic powers. Cuts through mana. Cannot be wielded telekenetically.
+ Symphony of Logos and Pathos (Passive): When upset or scared, Daniel automatically appears, when calm and focused, psychic powers increased. Daniel cannot appear unless the seal is broken.
+ Disruption of Ethos (Passive) Very paralyzed and upset when in pain.
+ Pain Overflowing (Passive): Is floating until Logos is disabled.
+ Shaking of Daniel,Tier 2: Creates a giant earthquake, likely to knock any super-warrior (Like Anime Heroes) off his feet, and throw any normal person around 3 feet.
+ Breaking the Seal of Daniel,Tier 3: Allows the use of her ultimate.
Daniel, Reincarnation of the Warrior God, Tier 5: Summons Daniel, the guardian sword of Aio. Aio does not control Daniel, he has his own will. Cannot be used unless the Seal of Daniel is broken.


Level: 69
Title: Swordmage
+ Orion: Legendary Longsword
+ Royal Blademage Captain's Uniform (Female)
+ Refer to picture x3

+ Ice Pendant (Ice *Magic* charge time -1)

+ Ice Magic, Master
+ Water Magic, Tier 2
+ Frost Telekinesis: Lowers the temperature of things telekenetically
- Tier 0: Freezes object lightly, easily broken off
- Tier 1: Freezes object or person, weighing it down. Broken off somewhat easily.
- Tier 2: At long ranges, freezes the target very wholly (making it/him/her painful to the touch, cause frostbite). Very difficult to break off. At touch, almost impossible to break off for half an hour. Very ineffective in deserts. xD
- Tier 3: Frozen Nova: Touches the ground and freezes everything around her. As far as humans go, freezes up to their legs, grounding them. Cannot be used as melee.
+ Sheer Chill
- Tier 1: Chilling Blade: Ices over the wound, chilling the receiver down immensely. (Remainder: 1 slash)
- Tier 2: Icy Cutter: Coats the blade in a thick magical ice, cutting through almost everything easily. Weaker against mana barriers. (Remainder: 3 slashes)
- Tier 3: Frigid Heart: Coats the blade in a thin and invulnerable sheet of ice, making the blade invincible and sharper. (Permanent, until overridden by a new enchantment or a debuff)
+ Mana Step (Passive): Sucks mana out of the land, withering it quickly and supplying her with mana each turn.
+ Experimental Eyes (Passive): Sees through mana. Powerful bursts of mana temporarily blinds her. Also senses mana. Powerful bursts of mana confuse her sense of direction.
+ Raging Mana (Passive): Uses mana to increase agility and speed, giving her a free round every 2 turns, and her MP and STM pools are counted as one.
Blue Lips (Tier 1, charge does not effect actions and cannot be stopped, but her lips have a blue shimmer while charging): Kisses the victim and breathes sub-zero air into their throat, freezing the throat and/or lungs. Depends on the longevity of the kiss. Consumes HP and MP at a rapid rate of Rellia at a rapid rate.


Daniel, Judgment of Fire
Level: 69
Title: Judgment (Fire)
+ Aodh, Judgment Sword of Fire
+ Judgment cloak--no defense value
+ Soul of Fire: Great fire magic increase

+ Wind Magic, Tier 3
+ Fire Magic, Master
+ Explosion Magic, Master
+ Curative Magic, Master
+ Holy Magic, Master
+ Judgment Arts, Master
+ Guardian Aid, Master
+ Aodh's Forgery (Passive): Sword is always on fire. Goddess Magic based.
+ Judgment's Mind (Passive); Emotions, mentality, reaction time, and any other workings of the mind can be directly controlled by the Goddess, and almost always stays calm.
+ Hero's Adrenaline (Passive): When emotionally affected, strength is doubled and speed is doubled.
+ Burning Soul (Passive); After an allotted time, Daniel automatically loses, and until round 5, his stats are halved.
+ Flame Goddess Essence Summoning ,Tier 4: Summons the embodiment of the Goddess' Flame Magic. About 4 humans tall and has all fire magic and mana arts, as well as a maximum cast time of tier 2 for any magic. Its real strength is in its...strength, though.
Ashes of the Forsaken (Passive): Comes back to life with half HP and MP, and full STM. Once per game.
Man's Driver ,Tier 3: Sacrifices self to burn a target's soul/body, whatever lore calls for.


Level: 69
Title: Summoner Apprentice
+ Summoner's Staff: Because she's an apprentice, this helps her summon. She can summon without, but then the Summoner's Soul does not come into effect.
+ Ceremonial Conjuring Sword: A strong enough sword, unbreakable so long as its used by a summoner, but very unused by most, because it's not very sharp.
+ Kitty Outfit: She's so kinky Razz Offers little strategic value, but makes her insanely happy, which makes her summons insanely happy—and powerful. Cries when it's torn.
+ Summoner's Soul: Removes the Ultimate Magic skill from the Guardian Aid skillset, and allows for multi-summoning.

Skills: (NOTE: Summons cannot be affected by ailments, because they're made of mana)
+ Guardian Aid, Master
+ Guardian Might,Tier 1: Vastly increases a guardian's magic and strength.
+ Cheer: Makes the guardians happier. You don't like a happy guardian.
+ Summoning of the Ethereal Bomb ,Tier 2: Fires a powerful bolt of exploding magic, powered by the sum of the strength levels of the guardians on the field.
+ Conjuring Ability: Instead of resurrecting a guardian, she may re-conjure them for half the MP cost.
+ Gran Oso (tier 2 dance): He's a bear the size of 3 humans. You should already know how dangerous this bastard is. XD To top it off, he shoots mana beams if he's happy enough.
+ Wyrmguardian of Sylpha (tier 2 dance): Summons the guardian of Sylpha, Goddess of Wind. This dragon is very thin, much like a worm, and glides through the air skillfully and magically. Can easily constrict a target, as it's body, being thin, is still larger than a human body. Can summon hurricanes from high in the sky and rain down meteors. This guardian has no name, though it's rumored to be Gantrithor.
+ Cerberus Brothers (tier 2 dance): Summons three large dogs (slightly larger than a human each) to fight for the summoner. They are very strong, and have a resistance to both physical and magical assaults, but are weak to piercing. Their major strength is that each one breaths poison regularly, and can blow the deadly toxins into the opponents face. Their bite is extremely venomous. If one is felled, they all disappear.
+ Oversoul Regal: Summons the ethereal knight Regal. He is a very capable fighter, and receives almost no damage from mortal weaponry. Weak to magic. Regal is 7 feet.
-Tier 2: Has an ethereal blade capable of cutting through mortal materials, including bodies, very easily. Is equipped with a strong phantasmal tower shield, to help defend against weaker and moderate magics.
-Tier 3: Has an ethereal blade capable of cutting through mortals, immortals, and magical beings, like butter. Is equipped with a large tower shield capable of blocking most spells. Has the ability Phantasmal Step, allowing him to teleport short distances for walking (roughly triple speed plus going through objects and people), however cannot attack in the same round as using Phantasmal Step, or defend.
+ Aodh (tier 3 dance): Summons the fire behemoth Aodh. A large dog, on all fours, roughly coming to be a full two humans, and has two large horns. Can breath fire, shoot fireballs, and best of all, overheat his body to fire a LASER.
+ Vehkima (tier 3 dance) Summons the ice dragon Vehkima. This rather large and fat lizard with humongous wings towers at a mere 2 humans standing upright, but each wing is roughly twice its size. It can breath a frosty ice breath that almost instantly causes heat problems, and can lower its body temperature to pass through objects and become invisible temporarily.
+ Korsa (tier 4 dance): A dance that consumes massive MP to summon the dark giant Korsa. He is a massive (Think freaking Shadow of the Colossus here, first boss) destroyer, capable of wielding dark flame punches and touching him will slowly drain you of both your life and your magic.
+ Juste (tier 4 dance) A dance that consumes massive MP to summon the humanoid female Juste. Juste is an extremely agile fighter, using a left-hand mounted sword of light as her primary weapon. Is capable of using flash magic and purifying magic. Purifying magic can heal any sort of ailment inflicted upon the summoner.
+ Queen Bitch (Passive): If angered, she draws her ceremonial sword and goes on a fucking rampage. Even the likes of historic heroes cower to the might of the Legendary Queen Bitch.

+ Dance of the Guardians (tier 6 dance): Summons all guardians, but she is imprisoned in the conjuring crystal until the summons are defeated. Kazuko cannot be harmed while in the Conjuring Crystal.

+ Transmutation of Mortal to Immortal (tier 5 dance): Uses her own body to summon the Reaper.
Transforming the Ceremonial Sword into the Deathmark Sword, which if damaged by this sword, the wounded dies in the next 6 rounds. Also, gains Dark Bolt (tier 1), which fires a ball of darkness, dealing damage equal to being stabbed. (it's a small and speartip-shaped ball) Also gains the Reaper Cloaks, which blocks wounds that would normally be fatal with no additional help. (i.e., a stab wound to the heart, however does not block several stab wounds across the body forcing her to bleed out or faint)
Can be undone if upset, and summoning becomes impossible for the remainder of combat.


Level: 69
Title: Brigand
+ Magitechnological Bow: Incorporates magic into the bow in order to automatically apply powerful runes to the arrows. Indestructible.
+ Arrows x80
+ Magitechnological Dagger x2
+ Camouflage Cloak: Uses powerful runes to sap Mimi's MP and STM in order to make the parts the cloak covers invisible. Can be turned on and off.

+ Sealing Arrow,Tier 1: Seals magic in an area using a rune-charged arrow (can easily just walk out of the area). Arrows -1
+ Poisonous Arrow: Fires a poison tipped arrow, capable of spreading a slowing poison throughout the victim's body. Arrows -1
+ Passing Fancy,Tier 1: Fires a rune-charged arrow causing a blinding flashbang. Blindness lasts for 1-4 rounds. (randomized) Arrows -1
+ Gambler's Spirit, BAHAHAHAHAHA,Tier 2: Fires a rune-charged arrow to fly at the speed of light with no pull back. Either it causes instant death, or it misses completely. Ratio (hit:miss) is 1:20. Arrows -1
+ Mother Nature,Tier 1: Calls the cute little fluffy animals of the environment to tear you limb from limb and eat your brains.
+ Gran Oso (tier 2 dance): He's a bear the size of 3 humans. You should already know how dangerous this bastard is. XD To top it off, he shoots mana beams if he's happy enough.
+ Dagger Dance (Passive): Takes two attack turns per round when using her daggers.
+ Hidden Throwing Knives ,Tier 1: Draws a poisoned throwing knife and hurls it at her opponent. This poison can cause a death sentence between 8 and 12 rounds. Short range and easy to dodge if you're not under slow-poison effects. Death count speed doubled if under the slow-poison effects.
+ Lady Luck's Sexy Shower,Tier 3: Firex X arrows. Arrows -X. X is a random number between 0 and 50.
+ Triple Shot,Tier 1: Fires 3 arrows. Arrows -3.
+ Flurry,Tier 2: Fires 7 arrows. Arrows -7
+ Lady Luck's Super Sexy Showertime Party, Tier 5: Fires X amount of arrows. Arrows +X. X is a random number between -15 and 100. If a negative number, Mimi loses that much life x10. If a positive number, she gains that much life /2.


Level: 69
Title: Unholy Templar
+ Corrupted Templar's Sword: Increases effects of light and dark based magics.
+ Bright full-plate armor: It's a full plate armor that's really f*cking bright (does not affect gameplay)! Don't you hate paladins?
+ Circlet of the Templar (Curative Magic charge -1)
+ Cape of the Dark God of Annihilation: Just for show, even the name. Just an average evil looking cape.

+ Shadow Blade
- Tier 0: Slashes with darkness elemental, ETD -1 per current wounds (including the one just inflicted)
- Tier 1: Slashes with a fair amount of corruption, immediately spreading disease through wounds. Very slowly kills the target. Estimated Time until Death (ETD): 40 rounds / ETD - 2 if hit again / ETD - 0.5 per current wounds (excluding the one just inflicted)
- Tier 2: Enchants the blade with as much corruption existing in the user's soul, immediately spreading disease through wounds. Very slowly kills the target. Estimated Time until Death: 35 rounds (overlaps if ETD is above 35) / ETD - 3 if hit again / ETD - 1 per current wounds (excluding the one just inflicted)
- Tier 3: Enchants the blade with tremendous amounts of corruption, immediately spreading disease through wounds. Very slowly kills the target. Estimated Time until Death: 20 rounds (overlaps if ETD is above 20) / ETD - 4 if hit again / ETD - 1 per current wounds (excluding the one just inflicted)
+ Grim Reaper's Touch: Touches the target with his palm, quickly corrupting them through their inflicted wounds, but causes no physical injury. -3 rounds per wound, if touched by both palms, -7
+ Shining Sword (Removes ETD, and prevents corruption for 2 rounds)
- Tier 0: Cannot look directly at the attack, especially with night vision.
- Tier 1: Draws from the sheathe and slashes in the blink of an eye, also causes a big f*cking flashbang.
- Tier 2: Lunges quickly and pierces. Inaccurate, but makes the user invulnerable and incapable of action for the remainder of the round.
- Tier 3: Draws from the sheathe and slashes twice in the blink of an eye, unavoidable.
- Tier 4: Cuts through evility itself, and purifies the human body of even itself.
+ Energy of Hatred: Fires a large beam that destroys their energy. (not mana, just makes you tired)
+ Energy of Love: Strikes the target with a large white beam, but instead of harming the target, sucks their life from them. (not fatal by any means, just makes them more tired)
+ Curative Magic, Master
+ Death Magic, Tier 3
+ Holy Magic, Master
+ Ice and Fire Magic, Tier 1
+ Explosion and Lightning Magic, Tier 2
+ Bladestorm: Strikes three times in quick succession.
+ Elemental Barrage ,Tier 4: Fires three fireballs, six ice shards, two dark bombs, two light arrows, and a black lightning bolt, causing ETD - 3
+ Magical Dnace (tier Cool: Slashes with holy magic, slashes with dark magic, slashes with fire magic, slashes with ice magic, and finishes with a blindingly bright explosion slash, consecutively.
+ Romance of Darkness and Brightness (tier 12): Fires a highly destructive beam that rips the body from existence and feeds Zex.
+ Corruption's Presence (tier 7): Runs the target through with countless black tentacles. ETD - 15, unavoidable.


Level: 69
Title: Dual-Wield Warrior
+ Siphon Scythe x2: Recovers Thanatos fully each time it wounds an enemy
+ Cloth Armor: No actual protection, just his clothes
+ Lolita's Pendant: Pendant with a picture of his lost lover inside.

+ Dance of Ashes (Blade dance, tier 1): Takes two attacks for a round, once with flaming scythes, and another with scythes imbued with darkness. If harmed by the darkness, the target is blinded (in every way) for a round.
+ Sakura Dance (Blade dance): Whirls the scythes around him so quickly that it blocks out all physical projectiles and creates a vacuum.
+ Drain ,Tier 2: Casts a powerful magic that drains the life from a target and heals Thanatos. Does not interfere with dances or fighting, but if injured, Drain is casted immediately. If Drain is casted at Tier 1, then it drains half as much. If at tier 0, then it sucks energy from Thanatos.
+ Dance of the Deep Blue (Blade dance, tier 2): Once finished, fires off high velocity cutting waves with each slice. Waves can cut through thin steel.
+ Maddening Dance (Blade Dance): Attacks three times for one round. He cannot attack next round.
+ Demon's Scythe: Sacrifices both scythes to create the Demon's Siphon Scythe. Each slash unleashes a wave of darkness which can blind the target for 1 round. If sliced directly by the scythe, the target is slow-poisoned and feels very sick for 3 rounds. Being near the scythe siphons a small amount of life from the target constantly. Drains a large amount of energy from Thanatos, tiring him quickly.


Level: 69
Title: Breaker Knight
+ Mythril Duel Sword: A sword created with the sole purpose of breaking other swords. Made of an almost unbreakable material.

+ Mythril Fang Shield: A shield with two bladed fangs for slashing enemies with a back-hand, though still mostly defensive. Made of an almost unbreakable material.
+ Steel breastplate / leg plate
+ Steel Chainmail
+ Steel Breaker's Helm: A helm with a blade on top, watch out for the headbutts!

+ Armor-splinter, Tier 1: Breaks armor, splintering it and stabbing the wearer with its shrapnel.
+ Breaker Extraordinaire (Passive): Allows for breaking of all weapons except those of unbreakable material.
+ Duelist (Passive): In one on one fights, her stats are doubled.
+ Reality Field (Passive): Creates a 10 yard aura capable of diminishing any and all offensive and unnatural (not found in the real world) energy, only usable in one on one fights
One on One Fights: These occur when no character is attacking either combatant except eachother.


Level: 69
Title: Blademage Prodigy / Swordmage Prodigy / Mage Prodigy
+ Lazuli: A longsword outfitted with several hundred runes, amplifying enchantment effects. Decreases all enchantment charge times by 1. Indestructible.
+ Royal Blademage Captain's Uniform (Male)

+ All Elemental Enchantments, Tier 1: Enchants the blade with chosen magic and element.
+ Equipment Enchantments, Tier 2: Enchants pieces of armor (like shoes or body or head) with chosen magic and element, usually granting special abilities. (i.e. Wind magic on shoes doubles his movement speed)
+ All Elemental Magic, Tier 3: Has Tier 3 in the magics of fire, water, wind, holy, death, lightning, and explosion.
+ Curative Magic, Tier 2
+ Ice Magic, Master
+ Mana Arts, Master
+ Sheer Chill
- Tier 1: Chilling Blade: Ices over the wound, chilling the receiver down immensely. (Remainder: 1 slash)
- Tier 2: Icy Cutter: Coats the blade in a thick magical ice, cutting through almost everything easily. Weaker against mana barriers. (Remainder: 3 slashes)
- Tier 3: Frigid Heart: Coats the blade in a thin and invulnerable sheet of ice, making the blade invincible and sharper. (Permanent, until overridden by a new enchantment or a debuff)
+ Finished Experimental Eyes (Passive): Sees and senses mana, however does not interrupt actual sight. Powerful bursts do not confused his senses or his mana seeing.
+ Raging Mana (Passive): Uses mana to increase agility and speed, giving him a free round every 2 turns, and his MP and STM pools are counted as one.
+ Elemental Reel (Passive): Switches between enchantments seamlessly.


Level: 69
Title: Miming Genius
+ Assassin Cloak

Copycat: Copies the targets appearance, gender, skills, and equipment. Shares the likeness of the target in every way, including their strength and magical power, and appears the same under mana sight. Impossible to tell the difference.

Scan,Tier 2: Fully scans the target's strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

Originality: Uncopies the target.


Level: 69
Title: Witch Hunter
+ Runic Longsword: Sword charged with runes to defend against supernatural energy. (for instance parrying a fireball)
+ Runic Flintlock Pistol: Pistol charged with runes that can absorb supernatural energy into its barrel and fire back. (no bullets) (ie, absorbing a fireball and sending it back, does not work on powerful attacks)
+ Witch Hunter's Garbs: Clothing specifically made to weaken the effects of magic.

Mageslayer Status: A skill only usable only when fighting an enemy capable of manipulating supernatural energies.
+ Recollection (Tier 1, Mageslayer): Recalls memories and doubles stats, and increases resistance to magic. Stacks. Gains more rage, increasing adrenaline as well.
+ Witch Hunter Training (Passive, Mageslayer): Has an innate resistance to supernatural energy.
+ Avenger (Passive, Mageslayer): Wounds cannot be healed. Magical beings take deathly damage to being hurt.
+ Rage (Passive, Mageslayer): Every time Redd is injured by supernatural energy, he grows stronger and gains more rage, increasing adrenaline as well.
+ Runic Discharge (Passive, Mageslayer): The runes on his clothing prevents lethal blows by supernatural energy.


Fey (Original style)
Level: 69
Title: Sniper
+ Sentinel: A powerful bow capable of shooting farther than a mile and maintains the speed of 160KMH.
+ Mythril Dagger: Dagger made of an almost indestructible material.
+ Sniper's Virtue: Wears a powerful cloak that increases agility and aim.
+ Locket of Thanatos: A locket containing her true love.

+ Eagle Eye (Passive): Can see up to a mile. Sees through smoke and fog, and is blinded by light easily.
+ Triple Shot, Tier 1: Fires 3 arrows. Arrows -3.
+ Flurry, Tier 2: Fires 7 arrows. Arrows -7
+ Headshot, Tier 1 + range: Fires for the head.
+ Shadowbolt, Tier 2: Fires a completely undetectable arrow.
Legendary Skills: Skills capable of great destruction, but changes the structure of the bow and its abilities. Changes last until changed.
+ Cupid's Bow (Tier 1, only usable in 3p+)
-FFA: Fires an arrow to force an enemy to target another enemy for 3 rounds.
-Teams: Fires an arrow to force an enemy to target an ally for 3 rounds.
+ Apollo's Bow, Tier 1: Fires an arrow that prevents all healing and rejuvenation if it hits.
+ Heracles's Bow, Tier 2: Fires a bow with unpreventable poison. Slows down the target by 50% and spreads poison, causing ETD 30 / ETD - 1 + wounds per hit with this bow.
+ Brahmastra, Tier 3: Fires an arrow causing utter annihilation. Immediately turns the environment barren and lifeless. Strikes and cannot be blocked, only dodged. Once hit with Brahmastra, the opponent cannot act for a round (including defend, attack, and dodge). Brahmastra can only be fired using this skill. ETD – 3 (does not cause ETD to start)
+ Revert, Tier 0: Reverts the bow back to Sentinel.
+ The Pashupatastra, Tier 5: Destroys the bow, and breaks Fey's right arm, but fires an arrow that has a field surrounding it, destroying creation as it goes. If hit by this arrow or near this arrow, the enemy is warped and his equipment, even indestructible, is vanquished from reality. The warped enemy suffers broken bones and fractures depending on the location of damage or where they came near the arrow. The round, it is thought of, the second, third, and fourth round, it is spoken of. The fifth round, it is fired. Cannot be used on children or lesser warriors. Cannot be used if Fey is badly injured.


Level: 69
Title: Red Mage
+ Femme Fetale: Blood-red rapier able to cut the hand of fate.
+ Reverie Shield: 10% chance to block any attack.
+ Ribbon: Nulls all ailments
+ White Robe: Pure white robe that protects from black magic. Halves fire, lightning, and ice. (not just fire/lightning/ice magic)
+ Feather Boots: Their wearer can perform a Jesus.
+ Red Magic
Barrier, Tier 2: Bestows Shell and Protect. Halves all damage.
Fire, Tier 1: Shoots a fireball.
Thunder, Tier 1: Fires a lightning bolt of magic, that scorches slightly less than a fireball, but covers less area. Does not act like a real lightning bolt, instant damage aside.
Blizzard, Tier 1: Fires a shard of ice.
Cure, Tier 1: Recovers HP and heals minor wounds.
Sleep, Tier 2: Inflicts Sleep, disabling the target until damaged or until 2 rounds is up.
Poison, Tier 2: Inflicts Poison, causing moderate damage over time, making them feel sick, and slowing them down. Prevents use of adrenaline.
Doublecast (Tier X): Cast two spells of the tier X (or lower tier than X) during the same turn. X is to the player to decide.
+ Summoner
Unicorn: Recover HP and remedy status ailments.
Ifrit, Tier 2: Fire damage.
Ramuh, Tier 2: Lightning damage.
Shiva, Tier 2: Ice damage.
Kirin, Tier 3: Bestows Regen.
Carbuncle, Tier 4: Bestows Reflect.
Phoenix, Tier 4: Fire damage. Deals maximum damage to Undead targets with 100% accuracy!
Madeen, Tier 4: Holy damage.
Bahamut, Tier 4: Non-elemental heavy damage in 5 rounds.
+ Catch (Reaction, 30%): Catch Thrown/Hurled items and add them to inventory.
+ Shieldbearer (Support, Passive): Allows shieldwielding, regardless of Job.
+ Red Combo, Tier 5: Strikes the target with lightning (stunning them), fire (knocking them down), ice (freezing them in place), then Ultima (dealing lethal damage to them).

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